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Fabric Covered organizer Bins from Dollar Tree

Gussy up a few dollars on the organizer tray with Mod-hodgepodge Tree in this simple dollar store craft! This project is ideal for small pieces of fabric.

I can’t think it’s already time to start thinking about back to school! This year, I’m hoping to get organized ahead of time, so that I’m crawling, that in the week before school starts.We’ve done a decoupage paper tray and acrylic catchall tray with Mod-hodgepodge here on the blog, but no one had written a tutorial with fabric or plastic organizers.Dollar tree-plastic-containerIt’s no secret that I love Dollar tree for organizing supplies. I decided to jazz up some of the $1 drawer organizer shelves supplied with a few vintage sheets for a cute way to store all those home school!I'm not going to say that decoupaging is plastic necessarily work 100% of the time. I have some tips for success.How to Decoupage plastic Organizer binsIt can be difficult, the Mod hodgepodge of plastic! I wanted to make sure you a couple of tips for success before you start this project.Just to note: the harder the plastic, the more likely it may be that the decoupaging won’t work. This is because, in General, heavier plastic, has more resin, which is smooth, therefore, it’s more difficult for the Mod to keep hodgepodge, etc.I can promise’t never, that the Mod-hodgepodge goes to work on plastic. I have to try two things for you, if you want it, and the Mod's smorgasbord’t stick:Rough up the surface with a piece of sandpaper (medium grit). Smooth away all the dust.Spray the surface with a spray paint for plastic, and dry. Mod smorgasbord on the top.If none of these methods work, you’re probably out of luck, at least what the Mod hodgepodge is affected.The good news is that most of the Dollar tree plastic container, which I’ve tried have worked with Mod smorgasbord! More cost-effective containers usually work better, for some reason.to jump in If you’re ready for the tutorial, let’s.Powered to decorate, To Organize dollar tree-plastic-storage - cloth Mod patchwork, vintage linen, and a sponge-brush
Dollar Tree container isHere’s all you need:Small baskets or organizer fabric Mod PodgeVintage sheets or fabric scraps sponge brush scissorsGussy up some fabric boxes with Mod-smorgasbord in this simple dollar store craft! This is ideal for using up small pieces of fabric for something pretty.you Use the bottom of the basket as a guide for cutting the fabric to size. I just traced it on the wrong side of the fabric and cut.you can Test the fabric inside of the organizer and see if it fits – if trim doesn’t, again, to the exact size you need.application Mod smorgasbord on the inside with a plastic-traybrush a layer of Mod smorgasbord on the bottom of the basket.diy-organizersyou Carefully lay the cloth down and brush on another layer of fabric Mod smorgasbord.Let it dry completely and add another layer of Mod-hodgepodge; let dry for 24 hours before using.dollar tree binsThis little organizer bins project does not take long and make your kids smile when they open to put the drawer away. It’s the little things!Make a fabric covered organizer binsBe sure to say Hello to me, to my blog, homemade ginger, where I have tons of other trades, with supplies from the Dollar tree I’ve made a night light, dressed up storage organizer and shared my top 10 Dollar Tree finds. See you soon!

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