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Fabric Covered Mini-DIY-Clutch

In this post, you’for the ll to make a cute, fabric-DIY-related-clutch Mod smorgasbord. It’s easy and makes a fun fashion piece or gift idea!

Hello there! It is Ellen here, Ellen Medlock Studio, and I’m so happy to be writing a guest post for Amy! Today we will show you how to cover a fabric DIY clutch Mod hodgepodge (love it!) and my DIY Minaudiere Set.
Minaudiere is French for “the small case.” The best part of this project is that the actual preparation is simple and fast, but produces a professional-looking DIY clutch! This small clutch purse is a great gift idea.
To get started, choose your set – The classic Minaudiere or The heart Minaudiere. Today we are going to work with the heart.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Ellen’s shop is closed, but you can buy mini clutches from a cool shop on Etsy HERE.
Which sets the front and back of the included bowls, a cutting pattern, instructions, and the metal clutch frame.
you will also Need the following:

Mod hodgepodge gloss
flat craft paint brush or foam brush
fabric for the front and back (Two 8"x 7" pieces, ironed)
craft glue
wax paper
White primer spray paint (optional)
Clear acrylic Spray

step 1. Cut out your fabric per the pattern in the shape of a heart. You can use the same fabric on the front and back, or change it with a coordinating fabric kidney on both sides. I'm using 2 coordinating fabrics from my first line of fabric, Enchanted damask.
step 2. The Minaudiere shells in my kit are the parts of a sturdy black plastic form. We recommend that you use the optional white primer spray paint (I prefer Kilz Spray primer) spray are white, the shells, due to the fact that life is quilting weight cotton fabrics tend to be fresh and crisp, on top of the white background.
be Sure to have time for you to dry, if you are planning to spray their shells white. I let my dry for about an hour – the drying time varies depending on the brand.
step 3. Place a sheet of wax paper for your work surface. Apply a thin layer of Mod-smorgasbord, to a shell. Try this first layer as thin and smooth as possible, but no bald spots on the shell – we want to avoid Mod-hodgepodge seeped through the fabric, but also to avoid that all the loose bodies.
step 4. Gently place the fabric over the coated shell. Starting in the middle and work to the edges to smooth and press the fabric on the shell. Take care to smooth out any air bubblesform.br>If you are on the edges there are a couple of wrinkles and small wrinkles in the fabric. This is normal and cannot be avoided completely, however, you can minimize the appearance of these wrinkles in your finished bag by the Manipulation with the tissue so that the folds you start as close to the edge as possible By the time your bag under the foldwill be mostly hidden.br>Repeat step 4 with the second shell. Do not let the two cups 10-15 minutes to "set", so that the fabric will move in step 5.
step 5. Carefully cut the edges of the fabric bowls covered with a pair of scissors. Caution when cutting the "wrinkled" parts that you don't overcut. These wrinkled areas and small wrinkles may need a little touch-up with the Mod-hodgepodge, that you very firmly down.
Note that one of the bowls has a small catchment in the vicinity of the tip. Trim carefully around the feeder. You go ahead and touch up spots that need to be secured to the edges with the Mod-smorgasbord.
step 6. Apply a second layer of Mod-smorgasbord, the substance of shells is covered. This coat is a little thicker than the first layer. Dry completelylet.br>step 7. Once completely dry, spray the finished shells with clear acrylic spray, and fully dry after spray acrylic directions.
step 8. Almost done with your DIY clutch! Are you looking for the shell with the feed. This shell fits over the locking mechanism of the mind can be dash-space to open the bag and close properly.
It is a good idea to take the time to pre-fit the shells into the frame and get comfortable with popping the shells in and out, before you add the glue. The cups are a good fit.
After a pre-fit, a line of glue in the channel of the metal frame. Not put glue in an area where it might seep, like the hinged areas. Also, do not place adhesive in the vicinity of the lock.
step 9. Working quickly, add the shells into the frame – double checking again that the indented shell go in the side with the lock. Once the cups are in the frame, weigh the whole clutch with a book or other object, in order to ensure that the shells are completely in the glue-filled channel. Let it dry overnight, if possible.
Add an optional purse chain (also available in EllenMedlockStudio.com) and get ready for compliments on your darling new Minaudiere!
Thank you so very much for sharing, Ellen! Your minaudieres are absolutely gorgeous and such a great gift would be. It would be awesome to have, to match every outfit.

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