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Fabric Covered books-Mod-hodgepodge

You can use to create a special Mod hodgepodge formula, these fabric covered books – perfect for unique home decor, and the colors can be

This week I’m sharing have a simple book makeover. I’m sure we all have extra books laying around the house. To be honest, to buy I’m kind of obsessed with books. I have boxes full of them.
When I started to decorate my home with a coastal vibe, I moved all of see my bright colored books. I hated it, not the display of the darker books, but they just didn’t match my interior.
So I decided to put some of the darker books a makeover with some fabric Mod smorgasbord.
fabric Covered books for decor
For this COOL project, you’re going to:

fabric Mod hotchpotch
foam brush
- scissors
Mod hodgepodge scooter

Powered getting started
I headed over to the fabric store for my material. I was really excited when I found that there is a sale going on. Fabric quarter were $1.25 per, perfect size to cover my books. Then I gathered the rest of my supplies to get started.

step 1 – iron The fabric
I opted for a few lighter patterns and a couple of “employed” pattern. I ironed the material first, so we&#wouldn 8217;t see any wrinkles. Then I was ready to get my Mod collection.

step 2 – Add your Mod hotchpotch
you Cover a page of the book with your fabric Mod smorgasbord then gently place your fabric on top. I used a roller to help get all the air bubbles out of the syringe. Then I did the same on the other side. Let it dry, just a moment. I love that this stuff dries super fast.

step 3 – Cut your slits
Now It’s time to cut 2 slits on each side of the spine. Then I put the piece of fabric into the spine of the book. It’s perfect!

step 4 – Mod-hodgepodge along the inner side
finally, the craft, add a little Mod smorgasbord on the inside of the book. Fold the sides and press down firmly.
Then fold over the rest of the material (as a gift) and Mod-smorgasbord in the place.

covered My cloth books are complete!! I had finished all four books in the blink of an eye.
Since I had already done the Mod smorgasbord on hand, I had to only spend a few dollars on the fabric of this craft. Pretty cool!
go to These books to look great, sits on my bedside table in the bedroom!!
I turned out to believe’t, how cool is this fabric covered books. The only tip I recommend is would always a slightly thicker material I did.br>one of the lighter covered books, you could see how the lettering through the material. But other than that it works perfectly. I plan on doing a few more of these for my entertainment center!
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