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Five minutes a hostess gift in a Mason Jar

You use items from the dollar/budget bins, you will create a unique and colorful hostess gift for a crafty friend. You can use these together in a matter of minutes!
would love As a part of a new Michaels makers challenge, I was tasked with creating a simple hostess gift idea, the recipient. Because I canonly to hostesses in my life, to be inspired by the fabulous gifts, I decided to do a “clever and colorful” themed mason jar gift for a good friend of mine.br>These words “clever and colorful” to completely describe, so I know you’s going to love this hostess gift!
This glass combines some of my favorite elements – both clever and colorful – all of the Michaels dollar-bins at my local store.
I know, I said “my favorite” terms, and this is for someone else, but my friend and I have similar tastes, so I think you’s going to enjoy this. Here’s how I did it!
Mason Jar hostess gift
Collect These Supplies

Mason jar – 64 oz.stuff your mason jar – socks, gloves, sewing kit, pins, baker’s yarn, buttons and other items
embellishment for the top (I have a matryoshka ornament)
scrap, paper lid
Washi tape
pencil or marker

they Begin with their very large Mason jar. Here’s what I love about using mason jars as a gift-holder – they can be used again!
Select your items-stick in the mason jar – go with items to coordinate. Remove the tags; presentation is the key, of course.
My theme was colorful and creative. I took the colorful elements, such as socks, gloves, and a pen . . . and crafty items such as baker’s twine, buttons and a sewing kit.
you can personalize all of the items that you can. For example, I have glitter letters added to the front of the sewing kit.
Layer-elements in the glass, so that looks like everything.
Set the inside of the cover on the back of a piece of paper and draw with a marker or pen. Cut.
you Place the paper in the lid and screw on the lid – add an ornament or other decoration on the top with washi tape!
This creative and colorful hostess gift is one of my favorites – and so easy together! What do you think?
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