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Everything About the Mod smorgasbord Ultra: tips & Tricks!

Mod smorgasbord Ultra is a cool non-toxic, super-strong formula that comes in a spray bottle! And you can learn all about it here, plus FAQ and a video.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard the buzz, but it’s a new Mod hodgepodge formula in the city! I always get excited about new formulas, because they happen to don’t very often. That’s because he’s hard to perfection . . . . It sounds crazy, but Mod smorgasbord Ultra takes perfection to a whole other level! Here’s a quick look at the features of this new product:NON-tackySpray application multi-surface – wood, fabric, terracotta and more indoor or outdoor (waterproof and UV-resistant) - Self leveling, no brush stroke highly durable!Let’s dig into the details. I’m so excited to share with you – this formula is changing lives.Mod hodgepodge SprayThe coolest thing about this product is that it is a Mod-hodgepodge-spray – which means it is the MP in a pump bottle that you can spray on your surface!I know you’ve had those moments, where to dig, where you’ve wanted to, the brushes and water – makes Ultra it is possible. Of course, you can use it with a brush. The FAQ is below.
figcaption> project courtesy of Plaid craftsWhat is Mod-smorgasbord Ultra? Ultra-super-strong, non-toxic Mod hodgepodge spray formula that works as an all-in-one glue and sealer with a high adhesion level – is perfect for adding a three-dimensional design embellishments to your projects.This versatile, water-based spray formula that dries fast and is naturally self-levels, so that no brush marks. Manufactured in both matte and shiny surfaces, it is also available in 4 oz. and 8 oz. spray-bottles. This formula cleans easily with soap and water. What surfaces can I use Mod smorgasbord on Ultra? Ultra can be used for most craft surfaces including wood, terracotta, tin, canvas, sculptures, paper mache and more. It can be used on fabric, glass or ceramics for decorative purposes only. What positions can I apply to a project surface in the case of the use of this formula?Almost everything can be applied to a project surface prints with the use of Mod-smorgasbord Ultra, including design elements such as: decorative paper, tissue paper, fabric, magazine cutouts, computer, newspaper, scrapbooking embellishments, copies of photos, 3D-dimensional elements such as sand, shells, cords, ribbons, small pebbles, loose glitter, and so much more! Ink-jet print-outs – Before the use of Mod-hodgepodge, we recommend sealing with a matte acrylic sealer to prevent the ink smudging. You spray a very thin layer, let it dry, and spray again.Photos – receive, We recommend a color copy, with a dry-toner copier-before the use of Mod-hodgepodge. figcaption> project courtesy of Plaid craftsCan I mix Mod smorgasbord Ultra with water? no. Water can significantly reduce or eliminate the adhesive properties of this product. I do not recommend don’t dillute any hodgepodge with water – it’s only!!!I Need to stir or shake before using it? Full consideration to the product, Mod-smorgasbord Ultra should be gently shaken for 15 seconds prior to use. If the Mod smorgasbord Ultra "hisses" when first sprayed, what should I do? It is always best to "test-spray" away from the project surface before spraying actually on the projection surface. You Prime the nozzle with a couple of pumps before you spray on the project. How I should prepare myself, my creative space, before you work with a Mod conglomeration of Ultra -? the level of the work surface with newspaper or a drop cloth and/or increase the project from the work table with a crown cork, or position your project on a wire rack.  figcaption> project courtesy of Plaid craftsHow it should be applied to the Mod-smorgasbord Ultra, a craft surface? Ultra is best applied to a project surface, spray evenly to the surface, while the bottle from left to right.Working in small sections at a time, to wet completely the surface. Immediately all of the design elements put on the wet surface.in Order to prevent an excess application and/or drips, it is best to wear several thin layers instead of one thick coat. NOTE: this formula can also surface in either brushed or poured onto a projection, if desired. How long does it take until the Mod smorgasbord Ultra dry thoroughly? After the application of Mod smorgasbord Ultra, the project area is four to 24 hours to dry thoroughly. It is best to keep the project surface flat until the Mod has set a hodgepodge of Ultra. Once set and thoroughly dry, all of the 3D objects is safe. I Should restore the top of the hair is a Mod smorgasbord Ultra project from the surface? Ultra can be used as a topcoat, the project is in the surface of a well dried. Simply spray on, brush, or pour on top of an additional application for an additional scratch-resistant, durable surface. You don’t need to disconnect anything.How long will it take to heal my project? With a middle coat, the project should cure within 24 hours. Allow for longer curing times for the application of thicker layers. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and if it’s not raining, it’s actually quite dry. I find my projects dry in about 4 hours and a full cure in about 8. Will dry my Mod smorgasbord Ultra project the surface to a sticky surface? Ultra is formulated to dry, non-sticky and non-sticky finish. It can be used on outdoor surfaces and projects? Yes, the Mod smorgasbord Ultra use in indoor and outdoor project surfaces as it is water-repellent and offers UV protection. How do I clean up after using the Mod hodgepodge of Ultra -? If the application used gates or a brush, apply, clean all tools immediately after use while still wet, with soap and water.NOTE: It is also to remove at the best of the nozzle, the spray head of the bottle to thoroughly clean it immediately after each use by rinsing of the nozzles and pumping clean water through the spray head. figcaption> project courtesy of Plaid craftsHow do I care for my finished project? Wipe it gently over your Mod smorgasbord Ultra project with a damp, lint-free cloth. The surface can be washed or washed. How can I clean a spill of the Material or clothing? A wet liquid on textiles must be washed immediately with soap and water when wet. If allowed to dry, the Ultra is and can not be removed from the clothing. Now that you’ve learned everything about the Mod, blur, grayscale Ultra, are you ready to see a video? Simply press “PLAY” in the middle of the video below to learn more about this cool formula:

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