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Learn more About the New Mod Melter!

You can craft the Mod Melter as an all-purpose glue gun to make everything from molded embellishments to home décor, paper, and much more!

I’m excited to share a new release with everyone today – the new and IMPROVED Mod-is Melter here! It’s a genius tool developed by my friends Cathie & Steve. If you haven’t heard of this cool device, it’s a unique tool, the traditional hot glue gun to a whole new level!
It can be used as an all-purpose, mini-high-temperature hot glue gun -but it was also made specifically for use with Mod-hodgepodge Mod Melts to create, Mod Mold embellishments.
Mod Melter ago released for a while, but this version 2.0 is the NEW and IMPROVED – no leaking! If you've tried haven’t it, I’m excited to tell them everything. Not to mention it’s really awesome,, pretty (what I value in my crafts-tools, personally).
The new Mod Melter offers many improvements compared to the traditional mini hi-temp glue gun, including:

a unique shape, which allows to keep the crafter it vertically, so that you have a clear view of where you are gluing
is a multi-tip wrapped in silicone, which makes it possible stick placement in tight spaces without fear of burning or melting surfaces. The silicone tip also means less mess, as the Mod Melts and hot glue sticks to glue not developed at the top of
specially designed to stay hot through an entire length of a glue stick or Mod patchwork Mod
melt ft extra long 6. electrical cable makes it convenient to move, while you are on a project
work out a comfortable - on /off switch
built an extra-wide-stand at the base, you can be the crafter, easy and safe the rest of the Mod Melter, when not in use
a larger easy-to-press control trigger additional finger placement can, what grip pressure on the handle
a silicone-soft on the body allows for a comfortable grip

The Mod CAN melt be used, with regular, mini -, high-temp hot glue sticks.
It works like a simple hot glue gun, but just so you have the instructions, here they are:

plug into 120VAC power outlet.
Load a Mod patchwork Mod melts or mini hi-temp hot glue stick through the opening at the back.
the use of The on/off switch to turn the melter.
After 5 – 7 minutes, it is heated and ready for use.
Direct tip for the melting device, if you wish, and start lightly pressing the shutter release button. The pressure on the shutter-release button is released, the determination of the amount of molten stick.
If filling to start a Mod patchwork Mod Mold, by the top of the Mod-melta in the middle of the Form, impression, and press the trigger-melt line of the melted Mod, until the entire shape is filled.
If necessary, download the Mod melter with a new Mod melts and continue to work.
do not Leave this device when not in use.
To use Mod melt to turn the unit off and unplug the power cord from the power outlet. Allow to cool completely before you store.

It’s SUPER easy, and I think you’re going, how some of the features that the far more than a traditional hot glue gun. Check it out at your local Michael's!

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