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Embroidery Hoop wall art with Cool stencils

You can create unique embroidery-hoop wall art with scrap fabric, stencils, and fun colors. Mod smorgasbord is coming to an end, and seal the project.

I haven’t, that graced you with my project presence in a while, since I’ve been so busy doing other things – then I realized, there is no excuse.
they Say that I don’t have time to Mod smorgasbord is to tell as your mother, you don’t have time to make your bed. It doesn’t matter. You only have to do it.
lately I’ve the bright colors, wall art, stencils, and fabric have thoroughly enjoyed. You can see where I’m going with this, and maybe, like this embroidery Hoop wall art came into existence. In terms of the templates, I’m in love with the template 1.
Everything just came together, and I like my wall art because I use it for myself or give it as a gift. Or both. I have many friends who would love these stencils, I just have to customize it to your decor. You can do this also.
embroidery-Hoop wall art
Collect These Supplies

embroidery Hoops – I have a 12″, and 9″
fabric pieces – I have two fat quarters that I’ve had; I bought them at JoAnns
Mod patchwork fabric
FolkArt acrylic paint – I used Vintage Orange and Aqua for the chair, Calypso sky and Bright Baby Pink for the deer
Flat brush
stencil brush
stencil tape or stencil adhesive
stencil 1 stencils – chair Mod Rocker and Antlered deer, both 8.5″ x 11″

you’ll need to wash and dry your fabric before Mod Podging it. Iron it and then put it on a non-stick surface (wax paper works great). Use your fabric Mod smorgasbord for the preparation of the tissue. Paint a medium layer over the fabric and let it dry.
, While your Mod Podged dried fabric, paint your embroidery hoops with the color of your choice.
I used to make my color wheel and my little color combo on this. Cause I’m just like. Allow the paint on your embroidery Hoop to dry.
Go back to your piece of fabric and ribbon to your template. I’m not quite sure why I you can the “X’s” – but it’t really ask you, genius, can you?
kidding completely. I wish in hindsight that I would have used stencil adhesive. I had to wipe away a “runnage” under the stencil, which I had. I think it’t, I’m you say that.
you Use to fill the stencil brush and paint of your choice in the template. Remember not to get too much paint on the stencil brush.
Stenciling is all brushes to dry and work slowly. Continue until your entire stencil is covered. As soon as you are finished painting, remove the stencil and allow the design to dry on the fabric.
If the painted is dry, your wall-art-but put the fabric between the two embroidery rings, and then the screws. You can use glue to hold them together. I didn’t, but you can.
The cut is the way you cut the excess fabric so that it doesn’t the back to hang out. Because that would’t is very cute. Your project is ready to hang on the wall!
Optional: coat the entire project with Mod smorgasbord to glue the frame in place and preserve your painted design. I'm going to leave that up to you.
I’ll leave you with a final tutorial image, this is my hand-stenciling the deer. These were so fun, easy and fast – you will really enjoy this. I want a lot more.

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