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Unique Wallpaper-chest of drawers with Mod-hodgepodge

This Wallpaper chest of drawers is so easy to do, with Mod-hodgepodge! Choose your favorite pattern and just cut to the front of the drawers.
I’m so proud of Misty – and I’m so a bad craft blogger. Let me explain. Firstly, the reason why I’m proud to have Misty, because she sent me photos of her wallpaper, dresser re-do, and look at what you did! She turned this dresser from the bottom in the chest of drawers above. Isn’t it amazing?
A little paint, Wallpaper and Mod collection and this chest of drawers is the fabulous from the “rushes ugh to” to. This brings me to a bad craft blogger. To do some time ago (i.e. September) featured I Cabinet these files and said that I was going to be something with the Wallpaper and decoupage.
All made with the Wallpaper and Mod-hodgepodge. And I have done haven’t it. I hope you'll forgive me, forget you my slacking and get inspired by Misty.
doesn’t yet have a blog, but I’m encouraging him to do this. And I bet you will keep what it promises, unlike me. Just remember, dear readers, that I care. I’ll do better.
The wallpaper on your Wallpaper chest of drawers is from the Daydream collection by Julia Rothman for H&W. you can usually get the scraps of fancy Wallpapers from the local shops, just as a tip. I’ll leave you with the second project, that Misty did, a key chain with a different colorway of the same pattern.

If you would like to decoupage a chest of drawers, thinking it’s easier than you. You just click on the image below to be inspired.

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