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Unique coloring book DIY-name-Plaque - Mod-hodgepodge rock

Use your adult coloring pages, this personalized DIY plaque! Relax and enjoy the coloring, then the pages in the art on the wall. Scroll to the bottom of the post to a video to this DIY in action!

I. before about is addictive to see adult coloration, and you might have, the expertise we decorated with adults, coloring pages If you’ve dyed never before, it is very relaxing – one of my favorite pastimes in the evening after a long day of work!I'm excited to show it to the coloring pages from the book (because as an adult colorists-we have many!) and on a custom project: this DIY plaque.This DIY plaque was acquired by the supplies from Michaels! Here’s how it was done. It’s a video on how to get to it at the end of the tutorial.Coloring Book DIY-plaqueCollect These SuppliesWeathered wood plaqueArtMinds letters that spell the name of your choice coloring book24 piece Staedtler® coloring setMod hodgepodge of Hard CoatPaintbrushCraft glueScissorsCraft knifeBrayer pencil (optional)copier (optional)
Grab wooden letters in the name or initials of your choice. My name is short and sweet! I love this ArtMinds letters (in white), but they have a variety of fonts and designs to choose from. a page or pages from your coloring book, you cover your letters to Choose from. You can remove it from the book, if you like – I always find it easier! This is where you can have a little fun! Color in the image with your Staedtler pencils. Take your time and relax. That's the point, right? the color of the entire page, or just enough>to cover your wooden letters. Now at this point you have two options. You can color in more pages and have different designs on your letters, or you can change the color of the copies of the page I'm going to leave that up to you! Cut the design down to the colored surface with a pair of scissors. Again, make sure that your letter fits. It is always better to look a second time! Grab your Mod hodgepodge hardware Coat! Flip the coloring page over and put a thin layer on the back. you Put a thin layer of Mod smorgasbord on the front of the letter, flip over, and place down. Turn the letter over and smooth. It is optional, use a brayer, but I love this one! It is sold in the decoupage section of Michael's. Let your letter dry for 15 – 20 minutes. flip the letters over and cut the paper carefully with a cutter knife. So colorful and beautiful! Repeat with the other letters.. brush the tops of your letters with Mod smorgasbord and dry. Then glue to your DIY plaque! Ready to see the tutorial in action? Simply press “PLAY” on the video below:

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