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Easy Halloween handprint Crafts for kids

These are the crafting of the cutest hand print for children – and you’re for Halloween! To get some footprint ideas. So simple, small children can do.

Recently, my niece and I were just on Halloween handprint crafts (which I will eventually debut on this blog) and so I did a little search to see what other people did, and I found a couple of fun ideas for handprints and footprints.
here. This Halloween kids craft is so much fun for children . . . and for the adults, do with them. What child doesn’t the love of putting paint on your hand? Let’s face it, kids love it, make a mess.
where does the Mod-smorgasbord fit? You can seal these Halloween handprint crafts with Mod-hodgepodge for the longevity of Mod hodgepodge of gloss, Matt or Satin would work (or even Hard coating) depending on the version that you like.
you should ALSO fingerprints the hand or footprints on cardboard, let it dry and then cut. You can prints these cut out hand or footprints to decoupage on any surface! I think a few of the spider hand prints of fun could look like on a big screen. It’s really no end to the possibilities.
Check out the handprint and footprint crafts below, and let me know which your favorite in the comments!
Halloween handprint Crafts for kids
BOO spider hand print canvas
Candy Corn handprint tray
Frankenfoot frame
mummy footprint canvas
Spider hand print canvas
handprint fall tree plaque
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