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EASY DIY coasters you Can!in just a few minutes

Learn how to power the coaster with Mod collection and the dollar bin! These DIY coasters are perfect for beginners, and make great gifts. I’m always read through those containers at the front of the goal, where things are $1 – and I know that I’m not the only one. I can spend $50 easy on “Tar-jhay,” just from shopping this container. How about you?A while back I found coasters in these cases, and decided that I needed some coasters for my place . . . but I didn’t like the pattern, the surface came with (I don’t use hair spray, but I drink coffee! You’ll you, what is the means to find that in a minute).How coastersLearn how to coasters with my method below. You can use this method to the surfaces of the wood or tile – or even thick cardboard to decorate as my own. Mod hodgepodge is working with all of you.in addition to the surface you’re going, some paper or fabric with a pretty design. I recommend using a thicker paper or fabric, especially since the surface is thick cardboard. You would like to add as much stiffness as possible.Let’s dig into the project!DIY-coastersCollect These Supplies$1 coastersMod hodgepodge of outdoor scrapbook paper – one or two leaves in your favorite pattern clear sealer (such as Minwax Polycrylic or engine enamel)sand paper or emery Board, paint brush, pencil, alcohol ink, and paper towel (optional) Here are the coasters – nice, funny even, but not really my style. What made the machine, these coasters put a plastic-y coating on the top of them. I sanded it so that the paper-and Mod-hodgepodge would stick better. If you do use wood, the same. If you try the tile to the tile without the clear coat on the top. Trace your lines with the pencil directly on the paper and cut just inside the line. Add a medium layer of Mod-pick-and-mix to the coaster and then put the paper down and smooth, smooth, smooth. Keep smoothing until all air bubbles are removed, and dry 8211 for 15 &#; 20 minutes.you don’t have to use Outdoor Mod-hodgepodge. The reason I did is because my coasters thick cardboard and I wanted them to be more protected. We’re going to be water-resistant DIY coasters in this tutorial, so if you have wooden or tile, you can use regular Mod-hodgepodge (or your favorite formula).Update: this post was created before it was developed in the dishwasher Mod-hodgepodge. Now you can won in the dishwasher Mod smorgasbord on this project (you’t be able to wash, since you’re of cardboard, but it is more protection). Learn more about dishwasher Mod hodgepodge suitable here. At this point, a paper towel dipped in a green alcohol ink and darkened the edges to add a bit of flair. It’s up to you. You can paint on this now or extra paperwork at the beginning too! as soon As the goods coasters dry, I make the edges rounded with scissors – then I painted a layer of Mod smorgasbord on the upper side of the paper. Let them dry and give another coat. you Finish your DIY coasters, if you use didn’t, dishwasher-safe Mod smorgasbord), you have with a brush-on waterproof sealer (or spray, but I find the brush-on works best for coasters). You can also use Engine Enamel spray.That way the drinks won the welding’t make the coasters, you keep your glass. Then you’re done! Coasters for$ 1? Yes, please.If you like this DIY coasters, here are some other options that you should try out!Custom coasters from the dollar storeDIY coasters with confetti festive glitter stripe DIY coastersLacy and sophisticated DIY coasters coasters with vintage fabric

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