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Easy DIY Glittered mirror ornaments

Use white glitter and adhesive to make stencils, this beautiful and simple mirror ornaments for your Christmas tree!
For me, the holiday season requires a little sparkle and Shine. It makes everything feel festive! So if I was decorating my tree, you can be sure it is filled with many ornaments that sparkle. If I make my own jewellery on my Christmas tree, I normally need a little (or a lot!) Glitter!
Today I want to show you how you can business easy DIY mirror ornaments with glitter and small mirror shapes that you find in the craft. Self-adhesive stencils, help, add some pattern and interest to the mirror. This project is fast, and it would make a simple craft with children also.
I chose the white glitter for my jewelry. I love how the white graphic prints contrast against an evergreen tree. The ornaments kind of remind me of a modern snow hang snowflakes from the branches.

h2 style="text-align: left;" align="center">DIY mirror ornaments
supplies needed:

mirror ornament shapes
Mod conglomeration of Rocks Peel and Stick Stencils (no adhesive stencils to do)
Mod hodgepodge gloss
sponge pouncer

Apply a reusable peel-and-stick stencil on the front of the mirror ornament.
Liberal sponge decoupage over the stencil. Working quickly, sprinkle the glue with glitter and remove the stencil immediately, the patterns show.

Allow, the Mod-hodgepodge and glitter to dry. Rinse your stencil with water so that it can be used again, if necessary.
Once dry, brush the excess glitter from the ornament. If desired, apply a thin layer of decoupage to seal the Shine down.
Band a coordinating ribbon to the ornament and hang it on your tree!

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