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Easy DIY photo pendant for mom

This DIY photo pendant is one of the easiest pieces of jewelry you will make’ll ever have! It’s a perfect gift for birthdays, mother’s day, teacher appreciation, etc.

I feel really bad for my mother. You already had to sleep two of your three dogs in the last few months due to health problems.
I’ve been thinking that a nice gift for your mother’s Day could be a DIY photo pendant, like this one from Bethany, except this time with their dogs images, rather than their children. Because, after all, she is a dog, the Mama, too!
Obviously, children’s photos are a good way to go, and I think no matter what you do, mom is the finished product to appreciate it.
That's just how mothers are, and to love what we are about you, right? Visit Bethany for the (very simple) DIY photo pendant tutorial.
photo trailer at Pitter & Glink

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