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Simple decorative switch plates using Mod-hodgepodge

Learn how to decorative switch plates quite easily with Mod-hodgepodge! You’ll want all of your switch plates in paper or fabric.
This is Busy Heidi from the hands. As an apartment dweller, I have to do often with things like dirty, cracked light switch plates in… special shades of beige. You also have color on them from one or two lazy paint jobs by someone who didn’t think to remove them (or the tape), said cover.
This simple project is a fantastic way to cover up cruddy light plate covers – and you can even corresponds with fabric, curtains in the room to connect it all together.
decorative Switch plates
Collect These Supplies

Mod hodgepodge Matt
sponge paint brush
sharp scissors
water soluble pen
light-plate & sockets-covers
wax paper
rubbing alcohol
brayer (optional)

Clean your light plate covers with alcohol. Trace your outlet and/or light-switch cover on the wrong side of your fabric.
Cut out each tracing with an additional half-inch of space between the outer edge of the trace and the edge of your piece of fabric. Also cut small holes for the screws, switches and sockets.
flush the pen lines in the tub and DAB the fabric dry, don’t you wring it out. You want to smooth out the fabric and wrinkle-free as possible. Since Mod-hodgepodge is a water-based, it’s okay if the tissue is wet for the next step.
Paint a layer of Mod smorgasbord on the plate covers. Line up your fabric pieces wrong side down, on your Podged light plate covers. Be careful, the screw holes exactly right.
Turn over your lined up fabric and duck, and add some Mod-hodgepodge along the edges of the back of each cover. My fabric is upholstery-grade – so quite thick. It has to do’t really stay in place on the back of the plates.
for me, the folding has been worked for over two edges (see section 2 below) and let it sit for half an hour. Let the Mod to start hodgepodge dry enough for the edges, the remains.
Although the edges were dry, I used a generous layer of Mod smorgasbord on the outer side of the front of the plate cover. You’ll want to be to saturate completely the fabric for this project to be successful.
you Get the fabric on the shorter ends of my plate covers, I used clothespins (see picture 3) hold the cloth until it’dried enough to stay in place on its own. Don’t let the Mod collection on completely dry with clothespins, because they’ll be fixed to the plates, ruining your project.
tip: If you get bubbles between your fabric and plates, a brayer is helpful for iron.
Finally, all the fabric will behave, and you can let your plates dry completely, lying face up on wax paper.
Here’s a look at the backs of your decorative switch plates, if you’re all done.
The last step is, of course, the fitting of the plates in place. Wrong’t they cute?
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