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Simple Brown Paper Bag Ornaments

You make this SIMPLE brown paper bag ornaments in a few minutes with some basic craft supplies! These look so unique on your Christmas tree.
I’ve been to notice an influx of brown Kraft paper in craft projects lately – and I like it. I know don’t what the official is definitely the “Kraft paper”, but for me, it is#8217;s a little brown and paper-like. Which means that you could also bags with shopping bags, lunch or whatever you set.
This is a collection of ornaments that are really easy to make, and you have a simple and festive mood. I love quite a lot of you. Here’s how I made them.
- Brown paper bag ornaments
Collect These Supplies

Martha Stewart acrylic ornament shapes
Martha Stewart sticker – Christmas themed
Brown Kraft paper
Mod hodgepodge Matt
Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic (optional)
Baker’s twine

Trace your shapes onto your Kraft paper of choice with the pencil.
Cut your ornament shapes only in the pencil lines. And the nice thing about using Kraft paper, you can erase the pencil lines, and you didn't even know they were there.
Mod smorgasbord of your Kraft paper on the back of the ornament shape and let them dry. You’ll find that it’s a little overlap with the paper . . . You can trim that you the shapes with scissors once dry.
This step is completely optional, but I just love it, Dimensional Magic. I like DM on the front of all of my acrylic shape projects, to give them a little dimension and Shine.
you Place the sticker on the top of the ornaments. Sticker on DM very well, so make sure that your placement! I've been thinking about it, and it would be fun, add letter stickers and really customize. I know – genius.
loop baker’s twine to finish them off.
I’m in love with kraft paper, ornaments and I think these bad boys are just the beginning. What would you do with Kraft paper? I need a couple of other suggestions.
Let me know if you would

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