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Easy Boho Chic Mason Jar Candle Holder

You use the new Mod to turn the hodgepodge of pure colors, make these pretty mason jar candle holder. This project is so easy, anyone can do it! These are perfect for summer and parties.
Hi, I’m Justine from Sew Country Chick – excited to share with you a tutorial with the new Mod smorgasbord of Loud colors and drag n’ Stick stencils!
These boho chic mason jar candle holders are very easy to make and perfect for a summer evening party! I could see making several and filling them with candles, giving a romantic and exotic look to the table.

Mason Jar candle holder
Here is how I made them! I have used:

Mod smorgasbord of pure colors in Pink (you can learn more about the Sheer colors here)
Mod hodgepodge Peel n’ nitrogen-template – Tanger
glass paint in the color of your choice
An old jar

To start, they make sure your glass is clean – washing and drying (and the labels removed). Pour a few tablespoons of Mod-hodgepodge Mere color within the jar file. Whirling around you and you put it on the head. The hodgepodge will eventually drip all the way down and cover the glass evenly.
I put you to catch the glass in a small Cup, the excess Pure color. Then I put the excess back in the bottle, so I’t waste would apply. It takes several hours for the pure color to dry. I let me over night. It dries transparent!
Then I have a Mod hodgepodge stencil on the outside painted with gold paint. When that was dry, I with swollen glass, color, small blue points. Now you are ready for the party – it’s easy!
The Sheer colors come in a variety of colors, so that you can customize for your facility or event. And, the stencils can be used with paint or Mod smorgasbord and glitter, depending on your mood. How would you decorate your mason jar candle holder?
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