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Easy Winter crafts for children: snow-Pins

This snow-pins are EASY and fun winter crafts for kids! Make supplies you with a simple; they are ideal for holidays and Christmas gifts.
Hello there! I’m Candie Cooper, and so excited, as a guest post for Amy’s MPR-blog. My specialty is jewelry making – but I also love holiday and winter crafts for kids. With Christmas coming, you might be thinking about gifts for teachers, neighbors, postal workers, etc.
I’ve got a quick project you can make with your children every inch of the way. For this project I used the magic potion that this whole blog is about: Mod-hodgepodge!

Winter crafts for children: snow-Pins
This project uses a very special recipe – Sparkle Mod smorgasbord. Everyone loves a little Glitter and sparkle Mod hodgepodge adds a subtle glitter touch to your project. Of course you can change the level and add a ton of glitter, if you want to – that’s up to you!
In addition, you’and ll need to cut a ruler (in pieces) to decorate acrylic paints, pens or magnets for the back, glue, scissors, a Sharpie, brush, and various embellishments to your pins (described below).
some with white paint on a paper plate. You make fingerprints on a blue carton and let it dry. Cut out the prints.
disc sections to a scale in 1.25 inch. Sand to smooth the edges with a nail file or sand paper. Optionally, you can sticks the color of the customs (I have water with my paint, a stain). You can glue a magnet or pin back on the back.
Mod hodgepodge of different embellishments on the front – buttons, snowflake sequins, chipboard heart, flat back crystals, the words are a couple of ideas. For the snowman I used a permanent Marker to draw a face and decorated with polka dots set the bar piece with silver.
it around to Add a little sparkle to the snow man’to glitter face Mod-hodgepodge. Hot glue a small piece of yarn for a scarf.
you Wear your finished pins with pride all winter long – or give them as gifts!
If you like, winter art crafts for kids, check out this snowman Epsom salt votive. Children and parents together to make it (SO easy)!

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