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Easy DIY Upcycle-toothbrush holder

Renovation of an old toothbrush-holder with a bit of fabric, vintage illustrations, and Mod-hodgepodge! This is such a simple project, and so budget-friendly.
Hi guys! It’s Ashlee from My So Called Crafty life, and I'm here today to share a fun upcycle project with you. My hubby and I have our first two legged baby this year, and they are so excited!
We have worked hard to have everything ready for the nursery, but also the remodeling of the second bathroom for our little guy. I wanted to have a few Retro elements to the device.
I've been on the hunt for some fun accessories, and some sweet vintage fabric to a shower curtain.
, so I decided to clean up a little, and cut it with a sweet vintage illustration of how my baby's first bathroom project. Check it out!
DIY toothbrush holder
Gather These Supplies:

toothbrush holder
Scrapbook paper
Vintage Book page/ Illustration
Mod hodgepodge of Dishwasher-safe Medium
- scissors

The first what you want to do is, clean your toothbrush holder thoroughly. I cleaned mine with soap and water and let it dry thoroughly before I worked with him.
Next, you want to mark your paper, so that you know, to cut where it is. If your holder is a perfect cylinder, you can simply measure the circumference and mark with a straight piece of paper to cut.
My bracket has been rejuvenated, and I'm lazy when it comes to the measurement of curves, so I wrapped my scrapbook paper to the holder, and carefully bent and marked the paper at the top and the bottom.
Once I had the curve views, I cut the piece, cut about an eighth of an inch or so in the top and bottom row.
Then cut out your book Illustration according to your wishes.
you are Now ready for decoupage. I used Mod hodgepodge of dishwasher-safe Medium, as it can be wet and be washed without ruining the piece.
A little bit of painting medium to the inner end of one side of your scrapbook paper piece. Align the paper to your holder and then flatten the end with the medium down to the holder.
Now you cancolor medium on the toothbrush holder, and straighten the paper on the holder as you go along, until you reach the other end.br>Need to paint them, a little means on the top of the began to the end, and then the paper overlap and flatten it down. Smooth out any bubbles with a brayer.
Press them flat, carefully fold in the ground, if there are areas that don’t. I ended up with a couple of bubbles, I’t could get out. I poked it gently with a straight pin and used a hair dryer on it and that worked for me.
Now you can take your vintage book image over the top. Paint a layer of Mod hodgepodge of dishwasher-safe Medium on the back of their illustration.
Then carefully line up the figure to go where you want it on your toothbrush holder and place it on the top. You smooth out the paper working from the centre to each side.
Remove air bubbles with a brayer. At the end of your piece, you need to add a layer or two of medium-sized and set them aside to dry and harden.
I love how my little upcycle toothbrush holder turned out! Hopefully baby Sam will enjoy it, even if he’s big enough to brush his own teeth, of course.
I love how easy this project is and how easy it is to fit. I'm a total sucker for vintage children’s books and the great illustrations, so it turned out to be perfect for the look I wanted in my bathroom.
you can easily customize to your style simply by using the papers. So you take the old boring toothbrush holders you have laying around your bathroom and turn it into a really fun piece for your room!
If you all would like to see more of my work you can find me on my blog, My so-Called Crafty life here.

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