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EASY salt dough ornaments that Forever

Use this recipe to make salt dough ornaments as a double-personalized gift-tags – both children and adults will love this EASY craft.skills Required: beginner. You’ll salt make dough according to the recipe, cut your shapes and then bake. Then you’ll paint and Mod-smorgasbord, the resulting ornaments. Everybody this project without any prior experience can I have a confession to make: I LOVE the packaging of gifts. Presentation might not be everything, but it’s a lot of value in my book. If I can make a unique add, handmade and thoughtful topper on my gifts, I’m definitely take the time to do this.in addition to wrapping paper, I also love Christmas ornaments. Especially something personalized, I can do that myself. “So what” I thought, “if I can combine the two?”DIY-salt-dough-ornamentsThis first salt dough ornaments, sealed with my new favorite Mod-hodgepodge (Sparkle!), are perfect for adding a personal touch of fun to your wrapping paper! Then, of course, you can hang them on your Christmas tree to throw away instead of you, as you would a typical gift tag.How to make salt doughsalt dough is easy to make with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen! Our salt dough recipe with flour, salt and water. It’s *really* easy and can mess up’t it. The only thing I ask is that you don’t eat the dough, or let your children eat it. It tastes horrible anyway!the preservation of The ornamentationyou have a few options for the preservation of their ornaments. Before you do any backup, you’ll have to paint them (if you want to use paint). You can paint the entire ornament or in part . . . and I recommend acrylic paint.Then you can do one of two things. You can seal the ornaments with Mod-hodgepodge (a few layers) or you can use a spray sealer. Or both. In this project, we’re with Sparkle Mod conglomeration, to both seal the ornament and add a little bling to the project. So Mod smorgasbord serves double duty in this instance!The surface, which you can use to the conservation of salt-dough is up to you – choose matte, Glossy, or Matte, depending on what you like. My personal favorite (besides the Glitter) is the finish a Satin. How Long does it Last salt dough ornaments?If you store your ornaments properly, they can last for years. I made some dough ornaments of my childhood, so it would be at least 35 years old. They are still in great condition and it’s no disintegration at all!salt dough Ornament recipeCollect These Supplies2 cups flour1 cup salt3/4-1 cup water initial cookie cuttersMod hodgepodge sparkle paint for diving (if desired), twine or ribbon to hang step 1: Make your dough by mixing flour, water and salt. If your dough is too dry, add a little more water, if too moist, it’s is simply more flour . . . Salt dough is very forgiving; it’s hard to mess up! step 2: Roll out your dough and cut your initials. Place on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper. step 3: Use the end of the skewer to poke a hole at the upper side of each of the first to hang up. bake at 250 degrees for 2-3 hours. Coollet step 4: I decided to take my dip ornaments in gold color (the tinkering I added a Cup and to dilute it mixed with about a tablespoon of water), but you can decorate your ornaments with glitter and paint, or anything else your heart desires. You dip your initials, and let the paper dry on the parchment. step 5: after drying, add a layer (or several) of Mod-hodgepodge of Glitter to help seal the ornaments and give them a little shimmer. It’s as simple as that! These are so fun and easy to use, and it’s great children’ crafts as well! thanks for making me share my salt dough ornaments today with all of you! You will find many tutorials and inspiration on my blog.

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