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Easy paper scrap, DIY Christmas decorations

you can Use scraps of paper that saved you’ve or small squares of your favorite holiday scrapbook papers, these unique DIY Christmas ornaments!

‘Tis the season for holiday crafts and decor, simple, fun, giftable and perfect for all ages! As far as I’concerned m, there is nothing’s more fun during the holidays than DIY Christmas decorations.For a few reasons, really: 1) you get to Hort, crop the crafts and all the bits of paper that save you’ve been, and 2) the instant gratification! I love that I have a Christmas ornament in such a short period of time can and feel the feelings of accomplishment. Sometimes I just need that, especially during the holidays!paper Christmas ornamentsWhether you’re looking for a simple kid’s craft, or a great ladies craft night idea, this decoupage -  DIY Christmas decorations, is your go-to craft this season! You can learn how below.
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Simple DIY Christmas Ornamentsmaterials:Clear ornament scrapbook or tissue paper ribbon or String for HangingFoam BrushMod hodgepodge MatteMod hodgepodge of Sparkle (not pictured) step 1: Select your papers. I chose scrapbook paper, but fabric or wrapping paper would also be good! Cut your paper into strips, and then cut your strips into small squares. step 2: Add some Mod-hodgepodge Mat to your jewelry, take a piece of paper, and press it down. Thicker scrapbook to press the paper a little longer than a thinner fabric or wrapping paper. Don’t be surprised if this is a little messy . . . it’ll Mod-hodgepodge, a cover-up be so clutter doesn’t against them to count here. More work around your jewelry, until it’s completely covered. Let it air dry. Paste Glitter 2 layers of Mod hodgepodge, let it dry completely between each layer.The Mod hotchpotch of Sparkle, add a thin layer of Shine and shimmer that’s the final touch to these ornaments! Finally, add a piece of ribbon or cord for hanging. I really love how easy this was and how pretty my DIY Christmas ornaments turned out! This would not be decorated perfectly just as a tree, but as a gift-Topper, and also neighbors and teacher gifts! Place in a cellophane bag, tie with ribbon, and you’re done. thanks for the let me today share with all of you! You will find many tutorials and inspiration on my blog. You have a nice day!

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