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Easy NOEL letters Christmas wall hanging

Use Mod smorgasbord and cool Christmas scrapbook paper to decorate the NOEL letters! Wooden letters from the craft store – this is SO simple and cute.
I don’t have a coat. If you have a house, you probably still have a – but if you are like me and have a flat, then coat the decor is simple’t happen.
we, the apartment dwellers will need to find other ways to decorate . . . and I like the wooden letters. To cope for my holiday Apartments.com challenge, I decided to do some apartment-friendly holiday wall decor.
I personally think that wooden letters are awesome and perfect for when you need some quick decor on a budget – papier-mâché letters are also good.
fill a wall in the shortest possible time and make your apartment feel so cozy. Here’s how I did it!
DIY-letters Noel
Collect These Supplies

wooden letters, the spelling of the holiday saying of your choice
Mod hodgepodge Matt
Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic
acrylic paint
holiday scrapbook paper and embellishments – I used the peppermint collection from Crate Paper
any Other ornaments – ribbon, buttons, Baker ’s twine
craft glue

Here I am planning, vacation papers, I'm going to on the letter. I have four different types of paper, just to make it up to mix it up a little.
Once you have found out, to use what papers, flip the papers and put the letters face down on the back of the paper. Trace and then cut out the paper – trim to fit.
, Just to spice things up a little, I painted the back sides and the edges of the 2. and 4. Letters. You don’t have to do this, but you can see the edges so I thought it would be a little fun Let dry.
time for the Podgin’! Place a medium layer of Mod hodgepodge down to the letter. You put the paper down and smooth with your fingers (a brayer helps in smoothing as well). Let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes.
After they are dry, put a layer of Mod conglomeration of all the letters and set them aside to dry. Wouldn’t it have been fun Sparkle Mod hodgepodge?? I wish I had thought of it.
you can also (at this time) layer additional scrapbook papers or embellishments on top – for example, I have a few paper ornaments on the “L.”
, If the decoupaging is dry, add embellishments, such as baker’s twine, buttons and stickers. I used craft glue to adhere the buttons. So much fun!
On some of the ornaments that you can add Dimensional Magic just for a little more texture and Shine. It looks so good. Let everything dry and hang the letters on the wall with something you can remove (like command strips).
This Noel-letters-project’t take me long at all – I worked on other things during the drying process, and it was less than a few hours total. AND I didn’t break the bank! Merry Christmas to me . . . and so are you.
I look forward to the next Apartments.com challenge!
Until then, visit the tenant resource page on your Website. You will receive information on apartment friendly DIY projects, decoration, entertaining, living on a small budget, food & recipes, and much more!
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