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Easy Confetti DIY Christmas ornaments

These confetti-inspired DIY Christmas ornaments pack a visual punch and are easy enough that kids and adults can Tinker with it. Made with scraps of tissue paper and Mod-smorgasbord, you can tarnished old balls to celebrate something in minutes!
Confetti Christmas decorations

Mod hodgepodge Matt
red & green paper
sponge paint brush
old Christmas ornaments
thin tape

tissue-Cutting your tissue paper in a couple of rectangles, and then cut these into small strips.

Paint a layer of Mod smorgasbord on one of your ornaments, and then place the strip of tissue paper over the hodgepodge, varying their placement and colors according to the random principle. The randomness is a large part of the collection of the confetti effect, so that you (or a child, you’re crafting with), you can be as creative as you want!

Dab another layer of Mod-pick-and-mix to seal as you go over the tissue paper, instead of. I found it easiest to work on one side of each ornament at a time, so the ornament’t get stuck to my work surface, but if you’ve got a nice holder for the drying of ornaments (an Easter egg dying caddy might work well for this!), You can see the whole ornament at once.

Once you’re dry, you can finish with a small loop at the top of each ornament to add to the festivity level. Cute, Right?

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