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Easy Chocolate Hot Gift That Everyone Will Love - Mod Collection Rocks

Use Mod smorgasbord of sound to create a Collage, the appearance of real whipped cream on this hot chocolate gift. Perfect for the holidays and for the hosteat!br> I love edible gifts during the holidays and this super cute Instant Hot chocolate gift is one of my favorites! Who received wouldn’t love a little jar full of chocolate-goodness especially when the lid has faux whipped cream, a pinch of cinnamon, and cane topped off with a candy?
Other than tasty, the best part of this gift, to make sure it’s super easy and inexpensive. Perfect for when you need a ton of little gifts for your work colleagues, friends or neighbors!
Instant Hot chocolate gift

a Small glass jar with a hinged lid
Mod hodgepodge Collage of sound – vanilla White
Mini candy canes, or plastic candy canes or Red/White paper straw
Mod hodgepodge, Matte surface (optional)

1. A few thin layers of Mod-hodgepodge Mat apply to a shortened section of the candy cane. You can skip this step if you decide to use a plastic candy cane or just a red/white paper straw.
2. The star-tip, the Mod hodgepodge Collage-tone-applicator apply. Starting at the outer edge of the lid, slowly squeeze-out of sound, until the entire surface is covered. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on the top. Wait 10 minutes before inserting candy cane, so that the clay harden a bit and not fold under the weight of the stick.
3. At least wait 24 hours to try before, to fill the container with instant hot chocolate (homemade or purchased.) If the sound doesn't feel like it’s waiting for 100% dry, even a day or so before trying again.
When in doubt, follow the instructions on the packaging! As soon as a container is filled, add a small label around the neck of the container, and you’re good!
How easy was that?! You could probably practice at least six jar lid with each box of Collage, sound, and as soon as you a bit, you can) whip out a ton of less than half an hour (minus drying time. Hope you have fun, give you this!
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PS – for another, a unique opportunity, a gift of delicious chocolate, visit this hot chocolate on stick idea. So much fun!

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