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Simply toys Upcycle Goodwill with color and paper Mod conglomeration of rocks

You get to find a Goodwill and turn it into something fantastic. That’s exactly what we have done with this fun toy-upcycle! To do it’s simple, with Mod-smorgasbord.
I like myself small challenges now and again. This means that you want to go in the well sometimes and search for stuff that I can tag! On a related note: when I was little, I used to order, feelings to toy.
Is that weird? I am afraid of my dolls are always cold, so I covered you with a blanket. What can I say – I wanted you to be comfortable.
The desire to ensure that my toys have been “convenient” has moved to live with my adults. When I go to the Goodwill in these days, the first place I will go to the children's section, looking for whatever toy I upcycle can complete hodgepodge with Mod -.
Not so long ago, I was browsing the shelves and came across this funny wooden toy wrapped in cellophane:
It was wood, so I know it had possibilities, plus it was cheap. I know this would be the toy revamp, that I would do all of them with scrapbook paper and Mod-hodgepodge!
Oh, and when I opened the package, I discovered something really cool about this toy. I’ll show you at the end of the post. Here’s how I revised my wooden toys.
Goodwill toys and crafts
Collect These Supplies

-wooden toys, from the Goodwill
Mod smorgasbord of Satin
acrylic paint – colors of your choice
Scrapbook-paper – 4 patterns
wood bead
Craft knife and Mat

The first step, with each toy upcycle is to unpack and clean if necessary. My blocks were’t very dirty, so I had to do didn’t really have anything to (especially since I paint over).
If you are going to leave you part of your toy unfinished, to wash I recommend it with water and a mild soap (even wood!).
next, choose your paper for decoupage. I have a boy with a box of paper “rule” pad (6″ x 6″) with a few fun patterns. I feel like I always do, girly things, so I wanted to make this a little more masculine. As a male, can be a little toy, anyway!
I chose four of the papers, since I had four wood blocks. Each block is only five small squares needed to be cut, because the blocks are attached to the base on the bottom.
measure and mark with a pencil. . .
. . . then, cut it.
Then measure and mark again. It takes a minute, but I don't like all of my cutting of paper up first. Set aside.
Paint your wooden toys. The FolkArt multi surface paint is nice, because it’s really thick, the colors are vibrant, and it’s long-lasting. If I choose you to be my toy to a child, I know that it will hold. I painted two blocks of grey, a block to a warm white and the other with turner’s-yellow.
Then I painted the base with the navy. I also painted a wooden bead (already had a hole in the center) with gray. I decided to wood-beads-because it’t come with one. Let your paint dry – then finish by decoupaging the paper to the wood blocks with Mod smorgasbord of Satin. Let it dry and then you can reassemble your toy and use it.
I love my finished toy upcycle!
And aren’t the papers so cute?!
Oh – and one last thing . . . are you ready to see the toy in action? It’s so cool is what it does when you drag him . . .

Entertaining myself. Toy ravamp from the Goodwill. #linkinbio uploadeasy-goodwill-toy-upcycle.html
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