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Easy Egg Hunt Easter Game

You combine an egg hunt and a word search in an Easter contest! Use Mod smorgasbord and plastic eggs – your kids will have a blast and learn something, too.
Happy early Easter! This is Heidi – I get don’t in the rule, to do share many DIY ideas for kids on my blog hands Occupied, so I’m excited to share in order to be able, an easy and fun Easter game craft with you all!
If you’re looking for a healthy and educational alternative to candy-filled eggs this year, eggs for Easter game word search-search is for you.
you can simply hide these easy DIY’d the eggs to the kiddos, you can find to spell the secret message. I think it would be fun, a great reward for when the word puzzle is solved.
Just Find eggs Easter game

plastic eggs
egg carton (optional)
antique matte mod hotchpotch
this template
basket & Easter grass (optional)

Start by printing it to tear this template and targeted or cut out each letter of the message.
Make sure that your eggs are clean and dry, then the individual letters apply to each egg one at a time. First, you’ll paint a layer of Antique Matte Mod smorgasbord on the egg.
Next, you’ll put your letters on and paint a second layer of hodgepodge over the top.
As you’re Podging on a curved surface, and your letters, and flat, using the side of the brush to press down all the folds you make.
Also, since the eggs have curved surfaces, I recommend an egg carton (as shown below), leave your letters to dry, without sticking together or to your table.
If you need to play your letters to dry completely, all you need to do is have your game ready! This is so easy to make, and the finished Easter game is a fun, educational idea for the holidays!
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