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Easy Dimensional Magic bead rings in minutes

Learn how to use simple rings with micro-beads and Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic! This Dimensional magic rings are SO easy to make.

Are you ready for the ultimate – easy – jewelry idea? If you’ve never miss a ring with Dimensional Magic, you’re.you are so easy, great gifts, and of course you can customize to your entire summer wardrobe in just a matter of minutes. And this is what I love to handmade jewelry – I can do exactly what I want!!! Here’s how these funny ringsare
Dimensional Magic ringsCollect These SuppliesRing blanks – purchased will be shown at MichaelsMod hodgepodge Dimensional magic Martha Stewart Microbeads in Peridot and Blue Topaz embellishments – I used Making Memories Deco Brads – shimmer and With love flower BradsKeep in mind, if you don't have the micro beads, you can use paper – cut it to fit and stick it down in there with Mod-hodgepodge. Okay, so here we go. get some ring to store blanks from your local craft store. They are pretty cheap. you can Find a place to secure your ring blank and add a thin layer of Dimensional magic on the floor. Note – never shake your Dimensional magic bottle. It adds bubbles. Shake a few beads into the Dimensional magic. Dry the beads, and then dump the excess. If you are not yet filled, the ring is empty, repeat (you can layer Dimensional Magic). Add another layer of Dimensional Magic on your beads and then stick in the embellishment. Let it dry in a warm place (NOT under a fan) for several hours. You are done! Repeat with as many rings as possible. Can you believe it is easy, cute jewelry? If you love Mod smorgasbord of jewelry, there are tons of more ideas here! I’d check out also love for you to join the following projects:Easy Washer NecklacesDIY lace earrings fabulous Gem ring family photo BraceletHow to Make bangle bracelets

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