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Easy American Flag DIY lanterns

This American lanterns flag DIY perfect for 4th of July or memorial day! This project is super easy and inexpensive. These mason jar lanterns in just a few minutes.Skills Required: Very beginner. You don’t have to experience any Mod conglomeration, or, to be honest, all of the crafting experience. Even these children can. Mason Jar lanternsThis is Cheryl from a pretty cool life! This mason jar project is super easy and you can complete for just a few dollars, but it still has a large influence of the lanterns.you’re perfect for setting a festive and Patriotic atmosphere for the 4th of July, Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day parties! Use these DIY paper lanterns as a centerpiece for a BBQ, line a walkway with them, or put on a coat.flag lanterns-project costsThe flags that I bought in a pack, for an individual cost of about $.75. Glasses are between $1 – $2, for a total cost of $1,75 – $2.75 per lantern (I mean Mod hodgepodge've already on hand).Having said that, of course, if you spend on recycled glasses, you’re only money on the flags. That’s fairly inexpensive Patriotic decor! I love it.The selection Of glassesThe little flags are available in 4″ tall x 6″ wide, so you’ll want to find the glasses that are at least that size (6″ circumference), so that you won’t the flag.you also want to make sure that the glasses have a sufficiently wide mouth, you are able to light the candles that you put in them, if you like real candles (in comparison to votives or LEDs).I Actually like the combination of a number of different size of glasses, particularly those of the mason-diversity. I like 16 oz, 32 oz and 64-oz mason jars. I usually get all of my mason jars from Michael's.The glassesIf you choose to use recycled glass jars, you’ll want to remove the labels. I have a great post on DIY sticker remover, the you’re going to check out – I recommend the 10 non-toxic methods, I gathered that after surveying my audience. You will use your advice and you’ll have these labels in no time!To label you’ ready to remove;re, to your Patriotic DIY lanterns. Here’s how you’re done.mason jar lanterns - glass, Mod conglomeration, American flagSimple DIY Collect lanternsalarge glass or mason jars (clean and with labels removed)small American flags (most grocery stores, drug stores, etc, in the vicinity of the cash at this time of year)Mod-hodgepodge Glossvotive candles or tealights Start by carefully removing the marks in the wooden dowel rods with a pair of scissors or a cutter knife. you Wear a thin layer of Mod smorgasbord on the back of the flag. Position of the flag, the smoothing evenly on a glass, all the wrinkles or air bubbles that may arise. Repeat with additional jars and let them dry. Then apply a thin layer of Mod-smorgasbord on each flag, in order to close it, the glass. After the glasses have dried, place a candle in each. If your glasses have a bit of a bump in the bottom, you may want to pour a little sand in the soil and nestle the candles in the sand. Your Patriotic mason jarlanterns are readyNot only is this patriot are lanterns, which are perfect for a 4. Of July party, but I can also imagine that you are at the summer festival every time (wouldn’t you be Horny by a pool?) or even a wedding! I’m questions, if a couple with a military wedding would enjoy this as a special touch?sealing system for the weatheryou Can Mod conglomeration of the Free, if you want, let these mason jar lanterns and make them a little more durable for the rain or the sun. In the dishwasher use as well.If you live in extreme weather, you might want to check, a water-tight seal from the hardware store – maybe even a UV spray. This increases the cost of the project, of course, so I’let ll you, that's up to you.

——————–If you enjoy this 4. To check July decor idea, I’d love for you our 22 Fourth of July crafts with Mod smorgasbord. You just click on the image below to view it!

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