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A decorative DIY snow Banner

I like cold weather – do you? Celebrate with this DIY snow banner! I chose my favorite scrapbook papers and Mod Podged them distressed wood pieces.

I originally posted this DIY snow banner for life styles’ blog and then also a guest on My Creative way – I’m finally presented it to you here on the Mod collection rocks.
get really for winter weather with this whimsical banner decorated with rosettes. To do here’s how it is.
Collect These Supplies

FolkArt acrylic paint – Christmas Red, silver Sterling
Mod hodgepodge gloss
Banner pieces the word of your choice – fit; I used wood ones that I had left over from Michael's summer selection, you can also use fabric or paper
paper of your choice – I used the papers from SEI’s Winter Song collection
ornaments for gluing on your rosettes – I used the Winter Song brads
piece of ribbon long enough to hang your banner
Flat brush
stencil brush
craft glue
pencil or pen

Let’s ready to go! Paint your banner pieces. Mine lasted about three layers; I have the front and back. If you use paper, you can paint still. Let it air dry. If you are using fabric, you won, of course’to paint it, but you need to cut your banner pieces to the size you want.
While for my paint to dry, I went ahead and cut out the letters “SNOW.” I handed just free you on the back of the paper (S and N, which will need to be reversed) and then cut with scissors.
I like the uneven look of the letters! If you want to sell, to be exact, print them from the computer, and use it as a template for the cut out of the paper. Aside the letters.
My banner pieces are dry, so I used the stencil brush and just a *little* bit of silver to dry brush in the red. Dry brushing means you remove most of the color from the brush and then the Rest goes on your painted surface, in strips.
It gives a great distressed look! Do this for all four parts (or how many you have). Let it air dry. Again, if you won the fabric, you’t do this step.
This is my favorite part! Grab the Mod-smorgasbord and you follow all the letters on the banner pieces. You do this by Mod smorgasbord on the back of the letters (flat brush, a medium layer) and then the smoothing on the banner pieces. Smooth, smooth, smooth!
does A brayer is best, but you can also get your hands on. Let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes. Then they come back and cover the front of the letters with Mod-smorgasbord.
let it Dry for a few minutes, and then coat the entire banner piece with Mod hodgepodge, front and back. Let it dry and another coat. To dry, allow again.
While you wait for the banner pieces to dry, you should have your rosettes. This part is a little time consuming, but the results are AWESOME.
I won’t explain the entire process – I will learn from Mod conglomeration of rocks, reader Theresa. It teaches you how to do it correctly here.
After the rosettes are dry, glue them with craft glue and let them dry. Give it about 24 hours and then hang your banner from a piece of coordinating multi kidney function bar. Yay!

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