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Easy wine bottle coaster made Of PVC-Cap

You use a 4″ PVC pipe-cap, a unique wine bottle coasters! It’s perfect for parties, and you can say’t even there’s plastic, if you’re done.

Hi, it’s David from Cheltenham Road just back from the game drives through the aisles of my local Home Depot.
I really enjoy the “ play;what can I do that?” game, and of the sanitary section always seems to be tons of opportunities.
This time I noticed the simple PVC sealing caps, which you can use to the end of the tube. They come in several sizes and I thought the 4-inch version would be a great and useful piece of wine bottle coasters. You know, just class up the joint a bit!
The caps are sturdy and, better yet, crazy inexpensive (like $1,80) and with some Mod-hodgepodge and paper, you couldfit to any occasion.br>Here is what I mean!

wine bottle coasters

4″ drain pipe Cap
Matt Mod-hodgepodge (not shown)
Hard layer of Mod hotchpotch
Black spray paint
Scrapbook paper
wood glue (not in picture)

It all came together pretty quickly.
I sprayed the cap black and, while it dried, cut the scrap book paper. I cut me just a little bit narrower than the width of the cap, and since a sheet of paper wouldn’t all around, I have cut some, carefully, the pattern of the match, hit where the two pieces.
With Matte Mod smorgasbord and a foam brush, I put the paper on the hat.
and once it was dried, gave it a few coats of Hard Coat Mod smorgasbord for the durability.moisture from any sweat bottle of wine, I used white glue to add a cork round on the inside bottom edge of the cap. I also have the other cork round the bottom to protect the furniture. And I was done!
Let the wine flow!
for More thoughts – ie. Ideas I just thought, after I was finished, my wine bottle coasters (happens all the time!).
When I did this, it occurred to me that it would also be cool, silver-spray-paint instead of black for a more upscale look.
they sell black PVC caps, but they were much more expensive (I know, don’t, why).
If you extra a little weight wanted to your wine bottle coasters, take the look a notch up, you could attach the PVC cap to a round, wooden plaques, sold at Michaels, which I think would finish it off nicely.
This line would be caps also, great small dishes for keys or small items. Maybe, instead of the cork, only Mod-smorgasbord in the decorative paper on the inner side of the cap and then seal with Hard Coat Mod smorgasbord, or maybe even Envirotex epoxy for a truly robust bottom.
What do you think? Let me know in the commentsknow!br>Also, if you open up your wine to your guests wine markers go (right??). Click on the image below to get a tutorial, so you can get some yourself, complete with a free printable:

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