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Easy Washer necklace with Dimensional Magic

Learn how to washing machine necklaces with Mod smorgasbord and Dimensional Magic. These are SO easy and great for kids and adults!

When I  grew up;in Seattle, and then later, when I lived there as an adult, I have never visited the Space Needle. I’m not sure why – my parents never took me. It was until I came back as a tourist years later, I went to the top of the Space Needle for the first time!It’s an analogy here . . . because I haven’t the most basic Mod is a hodgepodge of projects done. One might suspect, someone from Seattle had a Needle at the top of the Space, so how do you expect someone who runs would have made a Mod hodgepodge blog, washer necklaces.But it’s not so! I’m glad that I finally create this situation to. To do a part of the reason, for me, this craft was to make some simple jewelry . . . the other part was to see if it’chains, s to make it really easy to shim the neck, as some appear to it.DIY-washer-necklaceThe answer is YES. These necklaces were so easy to make! Plus I Dimensional Magic, which is my favorite. Here’s how it is such a simple Mod smorgasbord of jewelry craft.
Supplied As the slice of jewelryMake Collect Thiswashers in various sizes – I would like to at least 3/4″ and to coordinate larger leather or satin cords with chainsMod hodgepodge of Hard CoatMod hodgepodge Dimensional magic scrapbook paper, with its necklace cord scissors craft knife and matPencil you Start by tracking your washing machine on the back of your scrapbook paper with a pencil – track the internal and external side. Then cut the outside with scissors. If you are really small pair of scissors that cut, you may be able to the center; otherwise, you’ll have to, use a craft knife to cut out the middle. The next step is to have a medium layer of Mod smorgasbord on the disc – coat the whole thing. Put the paper down on the washing machine with the design side facing up and the smooth thoroughly. Wipe Mod conglomeration, that is, the page pushes with your brush and dry 8211 for 15 &#; 20 minutes. Once dry, add a top layer with Mod-hodgepodge. You need to let this dry for several hours before applying the Dimensional Magic. Add the Dimensional magic carefully, prick all the air bubbles with a needle (sometimes I remove them with my finger). Let the Dimensional Magic dry in a warm area. If it’s too cold, it will crack!as soon As the DM is dry, put the bottom of the necklace cord through the middle, and then thread the chain back through – your cord should look like this: ’s all there is to it! Now I need to see, what reputation of other beginners-craft, I need to try to keep my decoupaging.
But until then, I’ll enjoy my necklaces.What do you think should I try next, that you seen, haven’t yet? Let me know in the comments. I’d like to know, whether you’ve tried, washing machine necklaces!

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