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Easy side table Makeover - Add a Pop of color!

You’re going to love this side table makeover – we used a cheap frame, scrapbook paper, and Mod-hodgepodge to add a pop of color to a piece.

I had a bookshelf that my mother gave me when I was young – it was in my room for years and years. In the course of time it became more and more disgusting, because I have it suspended layers of lacquer . . . and not painting it very well.
And I never see any layers of paint sanded off, as it would chip, you’d how many colors, like a Jawbreaker. My Point? Man Podger David has done wish like a fantastic job with this table, and I, I would have seent his tutorial 25 years ago when I was redoing my furniture.
If you are wondering how you can have this simple DIY side table makeover, read more. I love the pop of color, David. So much fun!


OK, here is how my mind works. I have projects for days (years, sometimes) then I can execute them.
Then I think how to make it better.
This was totally the case with this little, deco end table I've had sitting around for a while.

I would debate what to do, and then I finally decided that a simple, classic white makeover would be cool. I called to make myself in less than an hour and I accomplished that.

But when it was all done and photographed, it seemed like it was missing something. I thought maybe a pop of color would set it apart.
a while Ago I came across a bunch of ornate, mini picture frames in the Michaels dollar bin (they still exist – I checked!). At the time I was not sure what to do with them, I thought they were cool, but now I thought I had an idea. And I thought I could do it fast!

Side Table Makeover
I took the frame, some green spray paint, a leftover bit of scrap paper and a glass button and went to work (for the whole project, I also used Matte Mod hodgepodge, Hard layer of Mod smorgasbord and E-6000 glue).
I gave the frame a quick coat of spray paint and set them aside to dry.
I pulled the scrap of paper and drew open the outlines of the frame (I cut it just a little bit bigger, so I would have a little room).
I centered the paper over the hole for the knob and drew the front of his outline on the drawer (so I could be sure to get it in the right place when I installed it).
I put the paper in the drawer with the regular matte Mod smorgasbord you smooth out any wrinkles or air bubbles with your fingers and set them aside to dry.
After about 20 minutes, I sealed the paper with a few layers of Hard coating Mod hodgepodge, as I wanted it to be super durable.
After the seal coat was dry, I used E-600 glue to attach the frame to the drawer front and then the glass button.
all in All, the project is about an hour (mostly drying time) took and I think it adds a nice pop of color and the idea could be used to bling out every piece of furniture in need of a little pizazz.
Bright green and wonderful, don’t you think? Don’t forget to visit David on his blog, Etsy, or on Facebook.

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