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Easy Plastic Animal Craft: Colorblock-Box - Mod-Hodgepodge Rock

You’ll love this easy plastic animal craft! Just use paint, Mod smorgasbord and glitter decorate this fun storage box with a deer on the top.

I’ve seen quite a few plastic animal crafts out there, and I thought, I would like to do something with them! But of course, I had to add the Mod-pick-and-mix the project . . . and I wanted to anyway.
you see, I sparkled my plastic animal. How can I do this project I realized that the so-fun-gift-box. Or, if you like crazy things on your Desk, as I do, this would be an interesting organization.
I added a stripe and a contrasting color on the inside, to make it more interesting. If you know a glittered plastic animal box (and you do), then you’ll want to see how I put it down.
This will Collect Supplies

papier mache box
plastic animals
Mod hodgepodge Matt
FolkArt paint in several colors – make sure that one of the colors with your glitter
Fine glitter
painter’s tape or Stencil tape
craft glue

So the first thing I always do when glitterizing plastic paint animals. And I always Prime with white . . . so that the color shows up better. You see, how does that work?
After painting my plastic animal, white, I painted her (him?) with a color to match my glitter. Otherwise, you can see the background through the fine glitter, and that was to go’t work for me.
Once the paint is dry on your pet, only you can paint it with Mod-hodgepodge . . .
And then sprinkle glitter directly on top. To work you’re going in sections, because it’s to take a little while, the entire deer. In the meantime, you can work on the painting of your box.
to begin, basecoat the entire box with one color on the outside. Give you have multiple layers, and dry – and paint the inside with a contrasting color. Let dry.
is Once the outside is completely dry, use stencil tape to section off a strip. I didn’t to measure (I eyeballed), but you can if you want.
color of the stripe on the top of the carton, and then remove the stencil tape immediately. Let dry.
coat the entire box with Mod-smorgasbord – just cause.
Then use the craft glue to secure the plastic animal to the top.
plastic is pet’t just a fancy piece of decor for the box – he’s also a grip, technically.

I’ve finally got a plastic animal crafts under my belt, and a fun decoration for my Desk. I don't know, don’t what you’ll keep you (yet), but inevitably, it’s going to be a craft-supply. Or maybe even a few sweets!

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