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Easy Parking Halloween Broom-Characters

You know, like a “broom Parking” Halloween characters, which is perfect for a door hanger or wreath ornament! You will receive a free printable to make it EASY.

Hello! It’s Aki Characterized by strawberry. To make it’s so much fun decor for this time of year. Today I&#I 8217;ll show you a simple way to make a small broom Parking sign – perfect for your front door, if you’re a tenant, a door sign or even a wreath decorated.
also you the file that I have created for this project, so let’ share;s begin this Halloween craft!
broom Parking Halloween sign

8″ wood circle
Printable – download the printable here!
Cardstock for printing or stamping
Matt Mod hotchpotch
a sponge, brush or Spouncer
hot glue gun

step 1. Sand the surface and edges of the wooden circle easily, to ensure that there aren’t all unfinished areas or splintered wood.
step 2. Print out the printable and cut around the circle with scissors.
step 3. You put a generous amount of Mod hodgepodge on the surface of the wood circle. (Side note: I love this silicone Mat from Mod smorgasbord – keeps my work surfaces mess free all the time and clean it’s so easy!)
step 4. You keep the pressure, flatten with a brayer, printing of the entire surface of the circle
step 5. Alternatively, you can use a die cutter to cut out the words – can; easily keep track of the image and fit it to the size you want. I like a little thickness to the words, in order to cut my stamp my words on cardboard.
If the same process, paint the wooden circle first and wait for it to dry completely, and then put a generous amount of Mod-collection and keep your letters.
you can Transfer the letters exactly as a painter’s Band was placed, I used that, I transferred to de-stickied before it as a ‘transfer paper’ my letters.
step 6. You have a good piece of Mod-pick-and-mix to seal in your image, whether it’s the print or the cut-out paper. Wait until the Mod-pick-and-mix dry completely before you continue.
step 7. Hot glue embellishments on the edge – I used yarn to tie it with the strap I’ll be using. Hold it with hot glue.
step 8. Mark and drill two holes on the upper part of the circle. Thread and tie your yarn around a hanger. And you are done!
It’s a fun and simple Halloween characters, which is modern and not-so-creepy – my kind of style. What’s you? Don’t forget, my crafting adventures on my blog and social media! Happy crafting, friends!
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