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Easy Mod Patchwork Lampshade Makeover

This lamp shade makeover project takes less than 30 minutes and it is incredibly easy to do! Use your favorite fabric together with Mod-smorgasbord.

Let’s face it – I have to glue a hard time with my home decor plans. If that happens, it is nice to know to mix that way is, to my style, I have whenever I want. I change my mind too often, but this Mod patchwork lampshade makeover hack comes in handy when I do!
The lamp on my entryway table, always had a white lampshade that had begun to change colors due to wear and tear, so that, to save money and get a nice change of device, I simply on the lampshade with new patterned fabric.
The entire lampshade makeover project takes less than 30 minutes and it is incredibly easy to do, if you have a shadow that is either square or smooth and round.
If you have a bell-shaped lamp shade, this DIY can be very difficult. Mod smorgasbord of perfect bond the new material to the existing canvas-like lampshade, but I still feel like I have a new lamp!

Mod patchwork lampshade Makeover
Collect These Supplies

Flat lamp shade (square or round, not bell-shaped)
Mod hodgepodge gloss
Big brush
1 Meter cotton fabric

step 1: For best results, iron the wrinkles to remove the substance before. Otherwise, iron cut the fabric once.
step 2: Place the fabric on a flat surface, the shows back up. Place the seam or edge of the lampshade on one edge of the fabric, so that there is enough space above and below, the round lampshade pattern-curve.
step 3: Easy to understand, the top and bottom of the lampshade as you roll it over the fabric and reach the edge again. The markings need not be precise because you don't cut along.
step 4: Then you cut out the pattern so that seams about 1 inch to your brands folded to allow. It should be a long, curved shape for a ball lamp.
step 5: Starting at the seam or edge of the lampshade, apply Mod hodgepodge Shine with a large brush and press the fabric on top, smoothing it with your hands. Working in sections, until the entire lampshade is covered with fabric.br> step 6: Where the two ends of the fabric, fold one side about half an inch and glue to create you on the other edge, the seam clean.
step 7: fold over the remaining edges of the fabric on the top and the bottom of the lampshade and glue them in place on the inside. If there are bars in the way (to fix the lamp shade to the base), simply cut a small slit with the scissors and fold the seams around him.
Once the glue is dry, it only takes a few minutes, put the lampshade back on the base and enjoy a fresh look!
If I were only such a simple makeover with every aspect of my home could. Let me know what you think of my Mod patchwork lampshade makeover in the comments.

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