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Easy Map Craft: Notebook Makeover

Do you ever get the advertising laptops that you use’ll never, because the front cover? This simple map craft, the notebook offers a cool transformation!
Hi all! Occupied Heidi from the hands. A favorite promo item companies like to give out are notebooks with their logos on them.
The thing is, you might want to do is walk around rocking one brand’s logo for the months (or years), you’re filling the notebook with ideas and lists.
A good way to makeover a notebook with cards-paper – view this simple craft to take you to find your notebook from the blah, as it was found in a boutique in 10 minutes flat!
card, Notebook Makeover

Mod hodgepodge Podgeable papers-Maps/Sheet Music/book Print
Mod hodgepodge of paper
sponge paint brush
Notebook parts

Cut your card paper to the size of your notebook ’s cover.
to Apply the Mod hodgepodge of paper, brush on the front of the notebook with a sponge.
Carefully line up your paper on your notebook, and you smooth it into place.
Apply another layer of Mod conglomeration on the outside of the notebook. Don’t lay it on too thick – Mod hodgepodge paper dries nice, but since you’re working with paper, you don’t want it to always be wrinkled.
If it’s wet, she’ll be able to see through the paper a little. If you’re concerned about a particularly bold logo to show that you might want to use two sheets of Mod-hodgepodge Podgeable paper.
packs come with two copies of each design, so you can notebook quickly and easily find the cards to cover you, if you need to.
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