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Easy Kids Craft: Tissue Paper Heart Frame

This simple heart-the framework is budget-friendly and only takes a few minutes! Children love this idea – ideal for Valentine’s day!

Have you heard of the Mod smorgasbord of pure colors? They are actually quite simple: regular Mod-hodgepodge with coloring already added to it. To do it’s handy because you don’t all mix . . . and it’s not only for coloring glasses.
as a regular decoupage medium! That’s what I found with my latest children’ craft – a heart frame is perfect for Valentine’s day. To make it So easy for children, and if you want, you can join in the fun! Here’s how I made my frame.

DIY heart frame
Collect These Supplies

Mod smorgasbord of pure colors – pink
tissue paper in Valentine's colors
Circle punch 2"
wood-decor – Valentine-themed
craft glue or hot glue gun
scissors or a cutter knife
- wooden frame with heart cutout – just $1!

Paint the wood frame with Apple Barrel in White. Let dry.
to Use to punch the circle punch out several circles from the tissue paper. Punch out several in different colors.
Use the Pink Sheer colors you glue the tissue paper circles to the front of the frame. Starting in a corner, add Mod smorgasbord on the frame, then place the circles at the bottom right to the top.
you Keep adding, Mod smorgasbord and circles overlap as you go. Cover the entire front of the frame.
you can fold the edges of the tissue paper circles over the edge of the frame and Mod-hotchpotch you down – or leave the frame to dry and cut the edges with scissors or a cutter knife.
Once the frame is dry, glue the wooden valentine ornaments down on the frame with the craft glue.
I love this heart frame. Especially with the picture of my pug inside!!!
For another great Valentine’s day tutorial for children, visit this heart shaped photo magnets from my friend Amanda!

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