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Easy Kids Craft: Faux Stained Glass House

This faux stained glass house is the perfect creative project for kids! To do So much fun, and you can with all sorts of colors.

I recently discovered something about me that is kind of weird. I LOVE to build and design the children’ crafts. I don’t even have children. BUT I have babysat grew up with four younger brothers and I a lot when I was younger, and we had to Tinker a lot. I also have my many friends with children that I can test the creations!This little faux stained glass house is such a simple children's crafts. You can use tissue paper, like I did, but you can also use napkins, scrapbook paper or whatever you have on hand. That’s all I did. I found this little house and then everything else I had on page.And what a fun house it is (I got it from "Hobby Lobby"). The roof even comes up, so that you can store random crap can be in there (I love storing random crap in the stuff). Here’s how I put it down.stained glass house, for childrenCollect These Suppliespapier-mâché house with removable roofMod hodgepodge Wash For kids (the regular Mod-hodgepodge to)Apple Barrel colors – White tissue paper in your choice of color card stock in coordinating color scissors craft glue1 small white buttonRic rac trim in your choice of color
Paint your papier-mache house in the color of your choice. I recommend going with White or a very light color, so the tissue paper stands out better. You can paint several layers and allow to drylet Cut tissue paper into squares—this is enough for the house. Like I said, you can do napkins – wrapping paper – scrapbook paper. Whatever! Use you Mod hodgepodge leaching follow all of the fields to the house in a random pattern. The Mod-hodgepodge-leaching is beautiful because it is from the children’ clothes, if you put it on yourself. Keep Mod the house, and add tissue paper Podging until the house is completely covered. Let dry.Cut tissue paper that overlaps the edges with the scissors. Cut to make the box, a door and two Windows, as well as all other parts of the house that you like (bar, fireplace, etc.). Can you believe that I even know what a tail? Mod hodgepodge of these cardstock pieces to the house and let them dry. you can Glue a knob to the front door, as a button. Also glue ric rac trim around the edge of the roof – trim, and allow to dry. Let dry for 24 hours before using. I love this for a children’ Desk – or hey, even for my Desk. One of my favorite children's projects!

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