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Easy Initials Faux Tree Carving Canvas

I didn’t want to carve, to imitate our initials in a real tree, so I decided to look with decoupage! You can use to create a Mod conglomeration, this faux tree screen carving.

I’ve said many times that I have a forestry degree – I love trees and I love nature. From this and many other reasons, I also love the stuff that has a woodgrain pattern.I thought about wood carvings recently, and how I like the idea, but I just don’t, it is in my heart a knife in a tree. So I came up with a way to get the look without cuttin’.This faux tree is a gift you could give is to carve out your loved one for Valentine’s day, and set the date you met/anniversary/other important event on it. You choose the colors that you want to customize. Here’s how I made my faux wood canvas carved.tree Carving canvasCollect These Supplies8" x 10" oval canvasMod hodgepodge of satin Martha Stewart Crafts-paint – porcelain doll folkart Extreme Glitter – hologram-scrapbook paper – wood-fiber-pattern to the card stock, – the coordination of the colors I used aqua and tealDie cutter or other tool for cutting the letters and number ribbon coordinatingRulerPaintbrushPencilscissorshot glue gun
you Put your canvas face down on the back of the woodgrain paper and trace. Cut out with scissors. Mod-hodgepodge of the paper to the canvas. Add a medium layer of Mod smorgasbord on the front of the entire canvas, and smooth. Turn the canvas over and smooth from the back as well. Let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Add a layer of Mod smorgasbord on the front of the canvas and let dry. Paint the wood heart with porcelain doll and let dry. Then you  paint can;with two layers of hologram Extreme Glitter and dry – you need to spray, right? Decide which letter and the date you are going to be on the front of the canvas – the date of the first date, their marriage date or any other special day.Cut letters out of the box with templates or a die cutter. If you don’t have a punch like I do, then you simply print the letters from the computer, or use free clip-art-templates. Mod smorgasbord to your letters, was on the front of the screen (I measured with the ruler just to make sure, I centered). you Bring tape to the edge of the canvas with hot glue. you Give the front of the canvas with a final layer of Mod-hodgepodge, and then glue the heart on the front as well.
you can hang or display your faux tree screen carving on a tripod . . . whatever you like!If you enjoyed this canvas idea, I’d love for you to check out these other projects:plastic-animal-canvas ArtDoily wall art-the Easy way

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