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Easy Halloween drawings with sugar!

We just love Halloween crafts for kids, like these sugar-drawings! Painting on a special sugar mixture, shows a unique design.

did you Know that you can resist a watercolor with sugar?? My niece and I were on the hunt for an easy Halloween craft for kids. We’ve tried some hand prints and other ideas that we’ve seen, but to try when we were invited to, this watercolor cobwebs from the folks at Imperial Sugar, we knew that we needed to give them.Mary (my niece) loves to try new projects, and a participant is ready, especially if one of the ingredients can be directly into her mouth. :0
We used Dixie Crystals for this project, that we’ve been for years in the kitchen for all of our baking. We love it so much, because I’ can;t get it in stores here on the West coast, I ordered it online. I’m not kidding!However, if you’re in the South or on the East coast, Dixie-crystals are easy to find, and you can use this simple watercolor drawings with ease.your children go down to the squeaking of the hidden image. Because it’s non-toxic, this idea is great for pre-school children, for the little ones, or really old (with supervision).Halloween drawings for kidsCollect These Supplies1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour1/2 Cup Dixie Crystals Extra Fine granulated Sugar1 teaspoon vegetable oil1 1/2 cups water white paper paint brush orange, black and purple water color spider stickersMod hodgepodge gloss (optional)note: This recipe yields quite a large batch of “invisible color.” you can half the recipe if you have only one child.mix the flour, sugar, water, and oil in a saucepan and stir over low heat until well combined and smooth in texture of glue.Colour spider webs with glue mixture over the paper. Fully let it dry, preferably overnight.Children brush watercolor over the dried glue and tracks displayed.If dry, add a spider sticker.
Agreed’t the Halloween drawings cute?? And here’s a fun fact, if you get the drawings you want to for eternity – and you know you do – you can Mod conglomeration, to seal them. Keep the color vibrant and will make it so that the drawings don’destroyed t, if you save this. We have a spirit, only because we had so much fun! What do you think of these Halloween-drawings? If you still hear other easy Halloween crafts for kids, make love to (especially with sugar), we’d love to in the comments!For more great ideas, check out the other posts below. Go now, have a blast and Happy Halloween!Easy Halloween skirt, Halloween handprint craft, mini Halloween pinata, Halloween crafts for ToddlersMummy Halloween