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Easy Faux Cross Stitch Valentine's day art

You make this simple and pretty Valentine’s day art with a wood Palette, and Duck Tape! So easy even a child can use it. You can use this cross-stitch idea for a variety of designs.

pattern that I thought was I was browsing Pinterest recently for some inspiration for Valentine’s day art, when I came to a cross-stitch nice.
Actually, I wanted a cross-stitch quote on canvas at one point, and still love this project. However, cross-stitch can take a long time! I wondered whether to do it an easier way, Valentine’s day art with cross stitch and then it hit me – Duck Tape!!
Duck Tape is very easy to cut with a cutter knife, and this means that you cut fashion in any shapes you like – including small strips.
you’ll have to self a craft knife and Mat, with a 1″, and 1/4″ grid on it (my Fiskars-healing mat is perfect). After trying this Valentine’s Day decor, I’m ready to adapt to different holidays and much larger projects.
you’re probably wondering how to create the pattern for this Valentine’s day art and leave it on the range – it’s really easy! There are a couple of ways you can DIY your own pattern.
I actually the program used to stitch the violin (for free). However, you could use Excel to create your own pattern with the “X’s” . . . or simply draw a grid on paper or on your project.
I'm going to leave that up to you. For this Valentine’s Day decor, I'll give you the pattern in the supply list below. Here’s how to make it!
Easy Valentine’s day of the arts
Collect These Supplies

10″ x 10″ pallets-wooden plaque (I got mine)from Michaels)
Duck Tape in two colors
chalk-FolkArt Finish – sheepskin
cross-stitch heart pattern – get it here
Transfer paper (optional
sand paper
Washi tape or tape-template
Craft knife and Mat
tweezers (optional)

We have a section of our range of Michael's in the wood. What I love about this Palette is that it’s already dark.
In General, I would be a dark color on the unfinished wood, then add a lighter color on the top, and not. This is a dark brown, so I don’t a second color for my distressing! Bonus.
Paint your FolkArt chalk finish on the top and allow to dry. I just got a coat.
If your pallet is dry ,use sandpaper to distress the edges and in certain areas. To reveal the Sand randomly on the dark wooden surface below.
Print out your pattern (you can print it in black and white – the color is only for reference). Cut out the pattern below and attach it to the front of the Palette with the transfer paper below.
WELL – you don’t necessarily the transfer paper, but it will make your Valentine’s day-art way easier. Tape everything with masking tape, or template tape.
, What do you do, draw a small “X” in each box – do NOT go from edge to edge, as is the Duck Tape’t to go all the way to the edge . . . so, if you drag from edge to edge, you’ll find the transfer paper line. You just want to Tape just a little “X” to give you guidance in defining your Duck.
Well – if you don’t transfer paper – and just press HARD with your pen so that you can see the lines from the tip of the writing device in the forest.
This is not my preferred method, as I don’t the grooves in the wood want to, but it works, if the transfer paper is difficult for you to find. You can get it at Michael's in the painting Department, or online.
you’ll notice that when you are done with your X’s, and you pull the transfer paper and the grid, you’re going to have a few small X’s left on your Palette! This is exactly what you want.
Now you’ll cut off the Duck Tape. Place a line of tape down on the Fiskars Mat. Duck Tape is almost two inches wide, so place it between two solid lines in the grid, as you see above. Then you’re going to be the line of the ruler with the dots and cut 1/4″ wide strips 1″ long.
you see in the picture above, as we cut the Tape, the Duck. For this project, you’ll need, 92 of the strip of red Duck Tape, and 24 strips of pink Duck Tape.
It really doesn’t take long to cut the strips. And it’s kind of fun and relaxation.
Set the strip down on the Xs to your Valentine’s day art.
until the entire range is covered. Place the red strip and the pink strip of Duck Tape to the grille.
you’re finished, your Valentine’s Day decor as soon As it is ready to hang!
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