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EASY egg carton art on canvas (for kids)

If you need a simple children’ craft idea with great results, this egg carton art is fun and sure to please. These Recycling canvas art can be adapted for any holiday or decor! Scroll down to the end of the post you see in the video, how it all comes together. I don’t post nearly enough kids’ crafts on this blog . . . I want to kind of remedy today with this fun egg carton. I love egg carton crafts, which is great, because I’m doing a paleo eating thing now – so egg cartons are abundant near here. Let’s just say, if I had the room, it would be wise, a chicken can get.egg carton artAnyhoo, back in the egg carton art. If you use acrylic paint, like I did, you want to avoid the foam egg containers and cardboard (the paper-ish stuff?). I had a blast making them and their children. Here’s how I made my Mod hodgepodge of egg carton type.egg carton Crafts-tipsThere are only a few things I wanted to. to the call for this project Like I said, it’s relatively easy, but I think an adult should first. cut the egg carton into individual compartments The children can then shape them into flowers. But it is a little difficult to manipulate a child’s scissors on a whole box, so the dirty work to do to separate, and then let your littles have on the project.A more fun way, this canvas is the layer of the egg carton pieces to the more detailed flowers. This means that sticking a tank chamber into the other and glue. I do didn’t on this canvas, but I plan to do it, I’m planning for a Christmas star for Christmas!Learn how to this easy egg carton craft below.egg carton flowers on canvasCollect These SuppliesCanvas – 9″ x 12″Mod hodgepodge SparkleEgg carton (not foam)Apple Barrel in color – apricot, banana, Pink Parfait, TurquoiseScissorsPipe cleaner – green ribbon in coordinating color button – I used white craft gluePaintbrush Paint the canvas with any color of your choice. I chose turquoise. Be more layers and allow to drylet Cut egg carton. Each lil’ egg tray-the area is the Bud of a flower. You cut right in the middle and remove the excess areas. I trimmed each of the “flowers” have petals. If you want to, you can keep the rest of the egg carton, and paint. I know – I’m a genius. color of the egg cartons “flowers” with the colors of your choice. They give several layers and allow to drylet as soon As he is dry, coat with Sparkle Mod smorgasbord. To see it’s hard, the sparkle in the final photo, but if you have the flowers, the sparkle of a plurality of layers of Mod-hodgepodge, really. It’s so fun! I whistle trimmed cleaners to the right length and tape them together for a stem. Then I glued on the canvas with craft glue. Every flower got a button glued in the middle . . . . And then the flowers got glued to the canvas. Let everything dry before hanging. imagine all the variations you could do. All the different colors . . . and what other forms you could do with egg cartons? I’m excited to do this egg carton art project again and again. If you try it, let me know how it turns out. I promise, you’ll enjoy this as much as your littles!Are you ready to see a video of the process? Simply click on “play” below.

Oh, and before I go, we have a version for Christmas – view our Christmas star crafts for kids:

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