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Easy DIY window Clings With Mod smorgasbord

Use Mod smorgasbord to make your own DIY window clings on a budget – these gel window clings so easily, and a large children’ crafts!!! (See the end of this post for a video on how you hold the DIY-window with food color!)skills Required: beginner. You can use these gel window clings with just a few supplies and no previous crafting skills.

I really think you are going to like this post. I’m not just fancying myself, I really do. It is a fun Mod-hodgepodge for anything other than gluing the elements.Instead of I, the DIY-Windows nestled you can on a vase or in the window! Since the time I originally this post, I have this again and again with my nieces. They are a hit every time!How to Make Gel window ClingsThe biggest secret of this gel clings to Windows, is to ensure that you have a non-stick surface. I used gallery glass leading blanks, but they are’to find t necessarily easy.I’ve also seen people use silicone, wax, paper, and the clear page protectors. You can use surfaces to try these window clings in a variety of non-stick and see if they work.The supplies are so minimal, I had everything laying around the house. Can you say, budget-craft in its most beautiful Form? I hope that you’ll make many and stick them all over everything. I can highly recommend it. Here’s how they are made.DIY Gel window stickerCollect These SuppliesMod patchwork folkart or Apple Barrel paint Gloss in your choice of color gallery glass Leading blanks – or other non-stick surface, hole punch, die cutter, cutter knives – something to cut with Shapes with paint brush, palette knife or spread scraper
Put your leading spaces (or page protector, etc) down on a surface. Pour some of the Mod collection on your leading space. This is not a very scientific method, and by the “not very” I mean, not at all. Press some color (used by Apple Barrel Parakeet) in the Mod-hodgepodge. Stir it around with a brush.note: you can mix in a bowl instead of directly on the blanks, and then pour it on your surface. I just thought that’t want to waste Container. you Spread the Mod-smorgasbord on the leading blank. I found it easiest with a putty knife – you can do this with a plastic knife. Look mom, I’m doing snow White and also Black! I’m on a roll! Let your Mod-hodgepodge/color mess (mess is, and clings gel window) to dry overnight. Views of the green (with more green together). How funny, right?Lift the gel window clings with a spatula toolyou Use a scrapey-doo-tool to lift the Mod-hodgepodge/paint off of the leading blank. It peel away to the right! Here are some glass votives. These are going to look different in a minute. There are three methods for cutting your Mod-hodgepodge/color clings. Cutter is the first – although, I learned an important lesson. Peel the Mod-hodgepodge/paint OFF of the leading blank before you cut, or cut off the leading blank. You can cut on a cutting pad with your craft knife.you can also use the scissors to cut out also. another method is to make a punch. It makes large polka dots, snow, and Christmas decorations. punching machine . . . can you believe that this works? I rolled the stuff right through my Sizzix Big Shot and it cut like a dream!!! This is how I decorated the vase in the large photo. the cut shapes to Apply to the glass with your fingers. If you have trouble with the glue, either exhale on your brackets, or in the Form of heat slightly with a hair dryer. Check out the holiday DIY-Windows nestled I  – Christmas lights with snow and a Christmas tree with a hole punched ornaments. I’m painted Mod hodgepodge clings all about the Mod-hodgepodge command center, so that it looks like a circus rather than a place to live. I had a blast doing it – what do you think?Now for a video! Learn how to clings the gel window crafts with food coloring and a similar technique. Simply press “PLAY” in the middle of the video to this post.

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