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Easy-DIY-wall-decor-with the keys

If you are looking for cheap DIY wall decor with a pop of color, you’ll love this EASY button art! Have I created it with a dollar store frame.

When I say that this is the EASIEST DIY-wall-decor-project, the try you’ll ever – I mean it! I love kitschy little home decor items/wall hangings, because a little color goes a long way a room seasoning.
ESPECIALLY if you live in an apartment (Hello Mod hodgepodge command center) and you can paint it’t the walls.
I have a love affair with buttons; I would marry you if I could. I decided to make a boring wall in my room with this cute little button, art-pieces, with the inclusion of my favorite buttons, and, of course, the Mod-smorgasbord.
Here’s how to my easy DIY wall decor.
Collect These Supplies

Frame – mine is from the Dollar tree
Spray paint or acrylic paint
Mod hodgepodge gloss
Flat brush
Scrapbook-paper – a sheet of
buttons – as many as you want; I used a 15
craft glue
Craft knife and Mat
pencil or pen

Let’s do this thing!
You'll laugh, but I had actually painted this frame, spray, Robin’s Blue in my craft stash. I don’t remember when I spray painted it, nor do I know where the went back.
I know that I Tree me, in the context of dollars and that she was black.If you have your frame, you can spray paint, or paint it with acrylic paint (color of your choice).
you’ll want to though, to seal it with Mod hodgepodge, because spray paint will flake off of a cheap frame. Whatever you do, start with a frame.
I in the back of my frame I had to cut a single image out of a spare piece of cardboard. This was SO easy. Just measure and cut with an X-Acto. If you are not absent minded and have your frame, you can skip this step.
Set the frame back down on your sheet of scrapbook paper and trace. Actually, I had Let a Sassafras leaf from the Nerdy Bird collection, which looked like school lined paper. I liked it. Cut out with your cutter.
you can Use the back to paint to your flat brush, apply a medium layer of Mod-smorgasbord on your frame. Fur thoroughly.
Quickly place your scrapbook paper and SMOOTH. Keep smoothing until all air bubbles are removed.
you can get your hands on – you can see that I'm using a brayer. Love this tool; great investment, if you don’t! Let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes.
Once the paper is dry, paint over the lace with Mod-hodgepodge. Apply one medium coat and let it dry again.
place, you are back in the frame – almost ready! Now you just have the buttons stick to the bottom. I took 15 buttons from my stash and put them, before I glued them down (the distance you how I wanted it). You need a lead on a couple of cool buttons? Go here for some great selection and deals.
Let your button art to dry for about 24 hours before you hang. Isn’t this DIY wall art is easy? You make two or three for a cute little button, kind of a series on the wall.
If you are ready to have your DIY-wall-decor to the next level, check out this button tree canvas from my friend Amanda!

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