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Easy DIY super hero costume for children

Learn to make a super hero costume for children – the easy way! This costume is budget-to do-friendly and easy for everyone.

Is your child a super hero obsessed with? It seems to be a subject, never out of fashion, and I have to, I love it too. We all have a little bit of superhero in all of us! That’s why, if you like the La Petite Academy, challenged to come to me with a craft for your fantastic children's week, I was all in!
costume for kids. If you’re wondering who is obsessed with the superhero, in my family, it’s my niece. You modeled my DIY super hero costume with pride:
La Petite Academy offers year-round infants through school-age programs and special events throughout the year such as Awesome Kids Week. Thursday is Thrilling Thursday, and’s super hero day . . . this is the reason why I made this DIY super hero costume for Kids. This project was so easy and inexpensive! The largest part? Kids love to help make your own costume.
DIY super hero costume for children

Old t-shirt
foam mask ($1 at the craft store)
1 sheet of felt
10 meters of tulle – I have 2 yards of five colors. You’ll have to less a baby and more for a adult!br>36″ elastic
Mod hodgepodge gloss
hot glue started gun
Velcro tabs (optional)

I, by a piece of paper in the shirt (we have an old shirt of my niece’s) and then Mod-hodgepodge expressed in the lightning-shape on the front.
Mod hodgepodge doesn’t come in a small squeeze bottle, but I think it is there for the outlines, sometimes. You can also “pull” the lightning on with a brush and your Mod collection!
Fill in the Form with Mod smorgasbord and then sprinkle glitter over the top. Shake the excess and allow to dry. You can use this same method, the cuff on the arm. Simply cut a piece of felt suitable for your child’s wrists.
For the arm cuffs, you can either secure the Velcro if you want them to be reusable . . . or attach with a stapler or some glue on the day that you wear the costume.
I found this white foam to save the mask at the craft for $1!! Simply brush Mod smorgasbord on the top, then sprinkle glitter. Let them dry and shake the excess., the Rock, I cut the elastic a piece to fit my niece’waist s, then I have a few touches of hot glue.
The skirt was VERY easy to make. I lined up the pieces one on top of the other and garnish the edge, so that when I doubled the tulle, it was the length of the skirt I wanted.
I cut strips from all five colors at once. The strips should be double the length you want the skirt (for example, if you want a 15″ Rock, your strips need to 30″ long).
I put the strip on the elastic strap, one after the other. Make a loop halfway down the tulle strips, wrap them around the rubber band, and pull the two ends through as shown above. Around work your way.
Press the strips together firmly so that, when the elastic around the waist, your DIY super hero costume skirt will be full, because there are so many stripes!
your DIY super hero costume for children is ready!
, We decided to go with a feather boa for our DIY super hero costume instead of a cape: 1) we wanted to in the original, and 2) to sit easier for your child in the classroom, without moving a bit! Add the boa is up to you.
Would you try this super hero costume for kids? To know I’d love in the comments!
disclosure: sponsored Post from learning-Care-group. All opinions are 100% my own.

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