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Easy DIY stained glass snowflakes

It hasn’t snowed here and I’m really disappointed about it. I’m sure that those of you in snow-rich areas, do not feel sorry for me, but I love the cold and snow! I have always, my whole life.
I also like flakes of snow (the Form), and in particular in the craft. It’s a simple, and often the modern Form. Or you can be whimsical with them, like these faux stained glass snowflakes from Meg. Cute 8217 are&#; t you?
the process of making them is really awesome and pretty cool, and you can even get kids in on the action Just don’t run, of Mod smorgasbord, because you want to go 100. Maybe more. You know, like the one below.
Mod hodgepodge of faux stained glass snowflakes on a Mega Crafty

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