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Easy DIY-photo-frame-Background

I wanted the background of a photo-frame, where the exchange of photos would be simple and easy. This is so budget-friendly home decor!
As our family grows, we love it, the display up to date photos on our walls. I’ve find it to change is always a bit of a chore, our photos so often, although I see it love to as you to our house.
I wanted to frame a picture, where the exchange of photos would be simple and easy. If you love the display of vintage-inspired designs in your home (and change them regularly), you’re going to love this map-craft idea.

For this project I dug out some cards from my craft stash. I also found a beautiful shadow box with no glass, works perfectly. Add two clips to go, you’re good.
My shadow box came with a piece of cardboard. I took this and gave the inner rectangle from wrinkle to wrinkle. Then with a rotary cutter, I cut my card down to match the measurements.
brush a thin layer of Mod-hodgepodge-down on the pad and the adjustment of the card with the folds, lay it down and smooth.
Then take the other a bit of Mod-hodgepodge and brush it on the outer edge of the card, smoothing it with your thumb. Let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes, before you put the card in the shadow box.
Take a couple of binder clips, and hot glue them to the center of the map, leaving enough space between them so that they could keep 5×7″ photos.
We could also simply stick a clip indicator 8×10″ photo. Now the hardest part is finding the best location for your new photo board!

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