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Easy DIY photo Display for beginners

Learn how to make a simple DIY photo display using supplies from the hardware store – and Mod-hodgepodge! Personalize very simply.

Hi! It’s David from Cheltenham Road.
you will Find that your not-so-DIY inclined friends tend to ask you, do you these things? Do me, and I’m usually up for the challenge, as it often makes me a little outside of my own sandbox.
If my friend Aimee took me to a local store to go home, he pointed to a picture display thing and said: “can you do that for me?” I said of course “Sure!” and then, for example, to find out how.
The photo display proved to be super easy, and odds and I ends have quite a lot on hand.
I hope you’ll enjoy your own version.

I started with the following:

Four (4) two-inch by 12-inch strips of craft wood (Home Depot carries them in the wood section)
Three (3) 8-inch strip of scrap, To connect wood (backing strips together)
scrap paper
Matt Mod hotchpotch
Bulldog Clips
antique White spray paint
E-6000 glue
A (1) D-ring hanger
screwdriver (with long neck)
utility knife
Drill (screws helpful, but not absolutely necessary)
Know Tinker and paint

I gave the edges of the craft of wooden-strip with a quick coat of white paint. I also painted the three pieces of wood-strips-and-white.
With the scrap paper cut down into 2″ width strip, I Mod Podged it into place on the craft-wood. Once it was dried I cut off all the excess, and then the edges sanded to give it a distressed look.
During the dried, the bulldog clips got a quick dusting of spray paint. I didn’t want to cover completely, but I wanted to give you a little color and look a little tormented.
With the E6000 I glued the scrap wood strips on the back of the craft-wood ( super-genius that I am, I was able to glue the first two standing on the head).
Important note: Because the craft wood is quite thin and I wanted to. you screw in the bulldog clips in place I go in the backing-strips, which I would want the clips to So I would be the screws through the craft wood and the backing strip.
I turned as soon As she was on the E-6000 dried, the piece and drilled my pilot holes for the bulldog clips (trust me, pilot holes, life will be much easier):

I also took a second (since I had the drill), attach the D-Ring hanger on the back.
Before I put the bulldog clips, lay I gave the whole face a layer of Mod-hodgepodge for protection and durability.
screwed the clips in place, the long-neck screwdriver (this was actually the only part that was a challenge, as I had to hunt all over the house for a screwdriver that would go through the hole in the bulldog clip. I am the owner of a LOT of fat-screwdriver apparently).

And then it was done and for his close-up.
Actually, this DIY photo display project was so simple that thatI I like an other version with a blown-up print of a vintage post card.
There are tons of possibilities. You could leave the wood raw, or you can simply paint them. You could make the whole thing bigger or smaller – pretty much the sky is the limit!
As always, I will monitor the comments for a while, if you have any questions or if something was unclear. Let me know if you try this DIY-photo-display!

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