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Easy DIY-leaf-bowl Made with Stiffy

Learn how to supplies a sheet tray with a dollar store and Mod hodgepodge Stiffy. This is so simple that even a child can use it. Perfect Autumn Decor. Don’t forget to scroll down to a video to see how it all comes together!skills Required: Beginner. you will be able to do to the project if you make sure to read and follow the instructions below. It can be a little messy, so make sure that the cover your surface!

‘Tis the time of year for all things fall, and what's more perfect for fall decor as a colorful bowl of leaves? I have this simple decorative autumn leaf bowl with a variety of colorful leaves, so that it pins the perfect place to store fall decor, such as fir-tree, or acorns.sheet shellMod hodgepodge Stiffy is sticking out, the perfect supply for the manufacture of the sheets together and form a shell of a rigid, cohesive sheet. It is quick to make with a balloon as a Form, and now it makes a great statement on my bar cart this season.did you Know you can get the most of the supplies at the Dollar tree? You are selling faux leaves, as well as balloons and brushes, so that you’ll probably end up just the Stiffy somewhere else.If you would like to make several of these, the project ends up being pretty cheap – and there’s a lot that you can do with a Stiffy (see all of these projects here).Before we started the project, I wanted toanswers to some frequently asked questions you maybe about this DIY Mod hodgepodge bowlbowl or balloon?you Should have a bowl or balloon to your autumn-leaf-bowl? Now – that’s up to you. In this tutorial we will use a balloon, but you can absolutely use a bowl from the kitchen.basically, you will be shaped only on the search for a surface, round/ball shape. Note that you’ll want to cover the bowl with plastic foil, before the project is completed as a Form, so that the bowl, peels easily, though.
the type of the leavesyou’ll want to use faux leaves – you can’t to do this project with real leaves (the asked I’ve been). I’ve had the most success with leaves, the don’t have thick veins.I find that the faux leaves with thick plastic cores are harder to keep down on the bowl, so that you’ll want you to be quite flexible. This is the reason why the dollar store leaves are usually the best – you are thinner.Hold the sheets DownOne of the biggest challenges that you are going to with this project is to keep the leaves down, if you have the Stiffy. You will find that they occur again and again . . . and that’s, where plastic foil and rubber bands to go to your best friend. When the “pop up” continue on the project-adding sheets until you are satisfied with the quantity.THEN put a piece of plastic wrap over the top, in the end, destroyed all the leaves at the bottom. This could – when the leaves sprout, which is under the plastic wrap, use a rubber band to hold them down.Leave the plastic wrap on for quite a while (several hours), until the leaves have formed, the balloon or bowl – then you can remove it. Whether or not you pop to get really depends on the type of leaves you are using.Using the Regular Mod-hodgepodgeYes – you can do this, leaf Cup-project, with regular Mod-hodgepodge. The difference is that the Mod won smorgasbord’t dry as hard as Stiffy is. So I’m going, that is up to you. If you’ve used the Mod-hodgepodge, before you know, it’s a bit more flexible. Stiffy to harden more, as you would expect to be a bowl shape.DIY autumn leaf bowlCollect These SuppliesFake maple leaves, various sizesMod hodgepodge StiffyLarge balloon or large bowlPaint brush small bowlPlastic wrap and rubber bands (optional) step 1: blow the balloon and place the tied side down in a bowl or Cup so that the balloon goes up. A further alternative is that they cover a large bowl in cling film. I’ll leave that up to you; the way it is in the application of the leaves is still the same. step 2: pour Mod hodgepodge Stiffy in a small bowl and dip a large fake leaf in the mixture and use to coat the brush completely on both sides.step 3: Put the adhesive sheet on the balloon, and use it to smooth the brush it on the balloon. Repeat with additional sheets, layering them on top of each other, until the entire bottom of the balloon is covered.drying Aside overnight (we remember that maybe the plastic wrap/rubber band method that I mentioned at the beginning of this post!). step 4: be Careful you don't deflate the balloon pop, or it can ruin your dish. The Form of the autumn Cup easily with the hands and fill it with decorative elements. you Fill the leaf bowl with seasonal decor, or as a catch-all tray for small items, like keys and sunglasses to see you through the autumn season.

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