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Easy DIY flower Arrangement gift in a few minutes, Mod conglomeration of rocks

You can make this simple DIY flower arrangement with pretty faux flowers and a product called Quick water. This looks pretty in your home and lasts forever!

Become a fan of fake flowers? A better name is probably “faux flowers” I realize that “fake” brings visions of cheap arrangements in your grandmother’s bathroom. To change if you haven’t a fan of faux flowers in the past, I hope to read that you’ll keep you and me a chance to give your opinion.
For my Michaels makers project this month, I was invited, with elements from her new Floral market. You have over 500 new flowers and accessories, so I decided it was time to make a flower arrangement a gift for my mom. You’s thought is actually a huge fan of faux floral arrangements and I, this is a perfect mother’is s Day gift!
Faux flowers have come a long way, baby! I was impressed given the quality and selection that, if I’m honest, a lot of fake flowers, I’ve seen at different dealers look like crap. You can tell with a quick glance. These are not the flowers!!! These are pretty silk flowers that look as close to real time as possible. My mother loves daisies, so that’s what I have chosen.
What I really love about this flower arrangement faux water. Have you heard of the Fast water? It’s a new product that I just discovered run to my Michaels that is perfect for fake flower arrangements!
8217;ll show you how it works, but just so you know, it simulates water and adds a realistic effect to faux florals – and it doesn’t yellow!
Here’s, I like this simple floral arrangement. It is literally only a few minutes lasted.
DIY Faux flower Arrangement
Collect These Supplies

Faux flowers – I used fake daisies
Fast water – a box
jar of marbles
fit in a Clear vase, their stems
plastic mixing container (old tupperware)
Popsicle stick

is your first step, wash your glass container and pour a couple of stones. I know, difficult.
you Cut your stems at different lengths – but don’t hold this in the arrangement just yet.
Mix up your Fast water depending on box instructions. I have an old plastic container that was clean. The Popsicle stick helps for the rest!
Slowly pour in the vase, being sure not to splash the sides. Bubbles appear, but it’s good. Many of them go away and the rest of the characters to add.
you Stick the flowers into the Fast water and position them as desired. You have to play for about an hour. The product lasts for 8 – 10 hours can be set.
I’m very satisfied with my last flower arrangement! I think my mother will love it too!
Have you ever tried something with faux flowers? Another project is the I’m in love with the bouquet of DIY paper spider mums. So cool!

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