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Easy DIY Chalk Board Breadboard

The use of a MDF slot Board, these unique DIY chalk-Board. Perfect for writing messages for Thanksgiving and other holidays – or even every day!

Hey people! Today I’ll have to share with you how to create this SUPER EASY DIY chalk Board and chalk board art!
I love chalk boards and I have them all around my apartment – you’re very handy, to write down, things I probably forgot, and the things I need in the kitchen.
But it’s also a great surface for hand writing and write encouraging messages. This chalk Board is a perfect decoration idea for your kitchen and can be used for Thanksgiving and other holidays (or normal days).
Also, you will learn how easy it is to have a ton less time – it’ll be perfect for gifts for the holidays. So you’s jump and see how I made it!

MDF slot Board-neck
Inexpensive spray paint
Mod hodgepodge of Clear chalkboard Top Coat

step 1. First, sand your wood or MDF. You want it to be completely smooth.
step 2. Spray paint the surface of the Boards – it doesn’t matter what color or even how cheap the spray paint! This is one of the secrets. This is actually less than $2 in hardware stores, so that you don’t to buy expensive chalkboard spray paint!
step 3. The magic trick in this DIY is the clear chalkboard topcoat of Mod smorgasbord – seriously, this thing is any surface into a chalkboard surface ready – it’s awesome.
step 4. Once your chalkboard is dry, season the chips with some chalk. Wipe off the excess with tissue paper or paper towel.
step 5. Sketch your design – use a piece of chalk, but you can use a chalk marker or pen, if you want it more detailed and precise If you aren’t in hand-lettering, you can always print out your design and trace elements to transfer the it and to fill on your board.
step 6. Use a clean, damp q-tip to clean your design, and you're done!
If you would like to preserve your design that you can use to keep a clear spray fixative, you design for sure.
Not only is this DIY chalk board-perfect for hand-lettering, you can use it as a menu board or a plate for parties, or maybe even a cheese platter! Don’t forget to check out my blog for more DIY ideas and free printables! Happy crafting, friends!
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